Workshop for Warriors: Helping Veterans Transition to Civilian Life

I don’t think I fully realized what it meant to grow up in a military family despite the profound impact it had on the things I hold most dear in my life.  The decision to enlist in the U.S. Air Force made more of an impact on my future than attending college at the time.  It was about giving back to my country, with gratitude.   But like all good things, this too came at a cost.  Training and long deployments to the Middle East were very difficult and especially taxing during the holiday season, but nothing could prepare me for the transition back to civilian life.  In fact, upon my return, I found it more difficult to find a clear path forward.  Plus the friends and support structure that I had come to rely on were left behind when I separated, making it difficult to adjust to my new life outside of the military.   I think what most who did not serve do not understand how structured and highly regimented the military environment is, one in which orders are given and expected to followed to the “T.” We followed these orders without hesitation.  I found that as I was transitioning from this highly controlled environment to the real world that it was challenging to find my place.


Almost 16 years after leaving the Air Force, I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Hernan Luis y Prado with Workshops for Warriors as part of my role here at SolidWorks.  After only moments of listening to his compassionate presentation, I was taken right back to how I felt so long ago, when I decided to separate from the Air Force after serving my enlistment.  In the Workshop for Warriors program, Hernan provides much of the same structure, training, support and placement provided to us by the military. The difference is that the path he is paving for veterans is designed to help them successfully transition from the military to civilian life. 

Finding that clear path to civilian life has proven difficult for many veterans and sometimes nearly impossible.  Coupled with the fact that more than 2.3 million manufacturing jobs go unfilled due to lack of qualified skilled labor, Hernan saw an opportunity to serve his country in a new way and, thus, Workshop for Warriors was born.  He realized so many veterans were just looking for the right training and leadership to help them prepare themselves as they battle the day-to-day as contributing members of society. Hernan and Workshop for Warriors are simply leading the way.  


The best news is that 100% of the men and women trained at Workshop for Warriors have received jobs. 

Please watch this video we produced while at Workshop for Warriors.


Please consider helping this worthy cause and show your gratitude to our veterans by considering donating to this great organization here.

Dominick Gallegos

Dominick Gallegos

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