Powering SOLIDWORKS 2016 with Lenovo Workstations

With the launch of SOLIDWORKS 2016, users are undoubtedly excited to get their hands on the newest application to learn how it can more effectively help them power their innovations. But while the latest advancement in SOLIDWORKS is certain to be a game-changer, I might recommend that users take this opportunity to ask themselves an important question: is my workstation hardware powerful enough to help me get the most out of this latest version?

Workstations – and in particular, mobile workstations – have advanced by leaps and bounds over what was previously available. Whereas it used to be that users would struggle to find hardware powerful enough to open multiple models, transfer large files and perform other mission-critical tasks. In addition, mobile workstations are catching up to desktop hardware in important ways,most notably performance, giving users the flexibility to untether themselves from the office and bring their innovative designs wherever they go.

For example, Lenovo launched the ThinkPad P Series, its latest and most powerful lineup of mobile workstations, and they truly represent a quantum leap forward for SOLIDWORKS users in terms of performance and other key features. These machines give users the performance of a desktop system in a mobile workstation, and offer all the functionality they require to display their work in eye-popping detail.

To start, the ThinkPad P Series, comprised of the ThinkPad P50 and ThinkPad P70, are the first mobile workstations to feature the Intel® Xeon® processor, the fastest CPU technology ever included in a mobile workstation. It also features the latest NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs for unmatched graphics capability, enabling SOLIDWORKS users to render and compare multiple models without fear of delay or lag time.

Lenovo’s engineers also know that memory is important for users who want to get the most out of their applications, so they packed the system with twice the amount of memory than has ever been included in a mobile workstation. This means (in the ThinkPad P70) up to 64 GB of DDR4 ECC memory and the ability to handle up to four storage devices and up to a terabyte of SSD storage, utilizing the latest PCIe technology for speeds up to five times faster than current SATA technology. Additionally, the ThinkPad P70 comes with two Intel® Thunderbolt™ ports for ultra-fast connectivity.

And, of course, once you’ve used the ThinkPad P Series to create your new designs, you need a killer way to display them, right? Lenovo has you covered there as well. Both the Lenovo ThinkPad P50 and P70 feature 4K Ultra-HD monitors for crystal clear viewing of images on 15-inch (P50) or 17-inch (P70) monitor. Finally, the machines come with X-Rite® Pantone® color calibration, keeping colors accurate throughout the life of the machine and protecting SOLIDWORKS users’ investment.

Lenova ThinkStation P900 and ThinkPad P90
Lenova ThinkStation P900 and ThinkPad P90

The Lenovo ThinkPad P Series follows last year’s launch of the Lenovo ThinkStation P Series, its new lineup of high-performing desktop workstations, featuring the P300, P500, P700 and P900 systems. The ThinkStation P Series workstations are loaded with all the features SOLIDWORKS users could want to get the most out of their applications, while also adding in some unique features never before seen in a desktop workstation. This includes tool-less upgrades, which enable users to access critical system components without the need for a single tool. The ThinkStation P Series systems also feature enhanced diagnostic capabilities that make it easy for designers to understand hardware-related issues or problems quickly using their Android-based tablet or smartphone. It’s the most usable desktop workstation in existence, and one that provides SOLIDWORKS users with all the speed and performance they require no matter which model they choose.

Taken together, the ThinkStation and ThinkPad P Series represent the most advanced workstation technology you can find. Each of these machines is SOLIDWORKS-certified, so users can rest assured knowing that their new workstation is up to the task of handling their toughest challenges.

The launch of SOLIDWORKS 2016 marks yet another milestone for the SOLIDWORKS community, and will most certainly lead to a new wave of innovation in the industry. As you’re getting up to speed on the latest features and functionality in SOLIDWORKS, consider whether your workstation is giving you the performance you need to get the most out of the new application – and if not, why this may be the perfect time to upgrade.

Learn more about the Lenova ThinkStations by watching this video.

Tom Salomone
Tom is a Vertical Marketing Manager at Lenovo Workstations.