Introducing a new and improved 3D ContentCentral

More than 1.3 million designers and engineers already use 3D ContentCentral to save time and increase design accuracy by quickly and easily finding and downloading free CAD models from certified component suppliers. In today’s fast-paced, competitive design environment quick and easy access to these CAD models from such suppliers is a must. Here are some of the new features to lookout for as you take advantage of the new 3D ContentCentral.

3D ContentCentral now has a new modern look and feel, making it easier for you to browse the website to find CAD models, library features, 2D blocks, and macros. Plus with advanced search capabilities, you can search from a database of hundreds of thousands of CAD models and millions of configurations in just seconds and can filter your search request by Supplier, Content Type, 3D ContentCentral Category, Tags, and Country.

The newly embedded eDrawings viewer lets you preview and evaluate models from hundreds of supplier online CAD catalogs before downloading. Say goodbye to browser plug-ins, this new viewer uses revolutionary WebGL technology that does not require you to install any plug-ins – getting you to the CAD models you need even quicker. This streamlined process allows you to focus more time and effort on product design.

Discover the new 3D ContentCentral today and save time while eliminating errors in your designs. Go to

Boris Raskin

Boris Raskin

Boris is a SOLIDWORKS Senior Business Development Specialist, Alliances