How you win with SOLIDWORKS Certification

Ready to start your journey?

As a seasoned user of SOLIDWORKS what can make you stand out even more among your colleagues and other users in your area?  Perhaps you are the stand out user at your company, the person that everyone goes to with the toughest SOLIDWORKS questions?  You’ve worked hard to learn the tools you use, so why not show others you’re worthy of the title SOLIDWORKS Professional or maybe even Expert!

SOLIDWORKS Certifications are a great way to separate yourself from the crowd.  But what are the advantages of committing the time and energy to obtaining a SOLIDWORKS Certification?  Take a look at this video where we asked some of the top users in the greater New York area why SOLIDWORKS Certifications were important to them.

In this video Matt Rohor from MakerBot Inc talks about how he uses SOLIDWORKS Certifications as a way to look for potential new hires and also as a way to make the rest of his team more productive.  Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert and User Group leader David Antanavige discusses how achieving his CSWE certification has led to being able to be one of the top users in his area.

So, are you ready to become #SOLIDWORKSCERTIFIED?

Visit the SOLIDWORKS Certification homepage to find out what certifications are right for you, how you can possibly even take them for free, and to find out how to start your journey to becoming a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate, Professional, or even an Expert!




Mike Puckett

Senior Manager, Worldwide Certification Program, SOLIDWORKS