Advancing Speed and Flexibility in Industrial Design

Carl Design AB is a leading Scandinavian industrial design firm that helps its clients develop and mass-produce creative, compelling products. Owner and Lead Designer Carl Öjerstam founded the company in 1995 after spending several years as a principal designer at IKEA. In order to maintain an impressive client list that ranges from IKEA to Tupperware to Vodafone, Öjerstam continues to investigate new design technologies.


Öjerstam was on the lookout for a sub-D, free-form modeling application that would better integrate with SOLIDWORKS software, the standard CAD software used by many of his clients. He needed a free-form modeling solution that would allow him to more easily and quickly go back and forth between conceptual ideas and production geometry, to refine design concepts and efficiently handle design modifications.



Carl Design implemented SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer and immediately realized benefits because the software is easy to use, provides fast, free-form modeling, and produces surfaces of superior quality. “With SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer software, you don’t have to think about how to build a shape and have the unconstrained freedom to explore new concepts and innovative ideas,” Öjerstam continues. “You can also bring existing CAD models into SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer software as a reference and easily import surface geometry into SOLIDWORKS CAD software. With this improved performance, you can create industrial design concepts faster than with other free-form modelers.”

Carl Design’s first project with SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer was a redesign of the handle for Charge-Amps AB, a client that is developing electric vehicle chargers. Öjerstam was able to bring the previous concept design into SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer and quickly improve the aesthetics, manufacturability, and performance of the EV charger handle.




Because SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer software is better integrated with SOLIDWORKS mechanical design software and includes both free-form and parametric modeling capabilities, Carl Design can more efficiently make design changes and more easily move back and forth between free-form and solid modeling. “The most beneficial advance with SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer software is the ability to go back and forth between an idea and an actual product,” Öjerstam stresses.


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Kristen Wilson

Kristen Wilson

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Kristen Wilson
Kristen Wilson