November’s Top 5 SOLIDWORKS Blog Posts

November has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Chances are it moved so fast that you may have missed some of the month’s most popular blog posts across the SOLIDWORKS network. The good news is that we’ve gift-wrapped November’s top posts to you and you don’t have to fight the holiday crowds to read them.

Model Mania 2001

Model-Mania-2001-Phase-1 (1)

Model Mania is running wild brother and all of the model maniacs out there get an opportunity to revisit the past 14 years of SOLIDWORKS World Model Mania competitions. If you’re not familiar, Model Mania is an annual design challenge at SOLIDWORKS World, the biggest gathering of SOLIDWORKS users and mechanical engineers, where you are measured on both time and accuracy. The 2001 challenge was of particular note in November, but be certain to watch our tech blog each week to participate in a new challenge.

Using Power Select in Simulation

valve colored faces

SOLIDWORKS Senior Simulation Technical Manager Joe Galliera recounts his experience using the Power Select tool to make a complex job much easier. In this blog post, Galliera runs through his project and shares the knowledge you need to work smarter, not harder.

Concept to Manufacturing


Preview the SOLIDWORKS 22-minute webinar covering Concept to Manufacturing. This webinar all of the techniques you need to develop new concepts, quickly turn your new idea into a solid model, validate your designs within SOLIDWORKS, then prepare your designs for manufacturing. In 22-minutes you’ll learn to optimize brainstorming, validate early concepts, transfer ideas into solid models and prepare designs for manufacturing.

Generating Tapped Holes on Non-Planar (Cylindrical) Faces


Duncan Crofts, an Elite Applications Engineer at SOLIDWORKS VAR TMS CADCentre, provides a simple, three-step guide to make a threaded hole using hole wizard on a non-planar surface. This post is a good reminder to take advantage of the SOLIDWORKS forums and MySolidWorks to ask questions and collaborate with fellow users. Smart people like Duncan are always there to lend a hand.

Engineering Light: Designing Illumination Systems

Warning Signal

In this post, SOLIDWORKS Partner Breault Research provides an introduction to the challenging, but rewarding field of illumination engineering. Illumination engineers combine fundamental physics with architectural aesthetics and human physiology to develop lighting solutions to satisfy all of our ever changing needs. Read the post if you’re ready to engineer light.

Just because we’re winding down 2014 doesn’t mean we’re pumping the brakes on new blog posts. Stay tuned in December as we continue to share tech tips, part reviewers, best practices and user stories to warm you with holiday cheer.

Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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