September’s Top 5 SOLIDWORKS Blog Posts

From 15 deep dives into SOLIDWORKS 2015 enhancements and posts covering our product managers’ favorite new features to a SOLIDWORKS 2015 introduction from CEO Bertrand Sicot, September blog content was heavy on SOLIDWORKS 2015. If you haven’t been able to catch up on all things SOLIDWORKS 2015, two good places to start are the 2015 sneak peak/deep dive recap blog post and the SOLIDWORKS 2015 website.

Although it might be hard to believe, the SOLIDWORKS blogs did have plenty of non-SOLIDWORKS 2015 content appear last month. While some might have slipped through your feed, forgotten in the deluge of SOLIDWORKS 2015 stories, there’s good news: the posts are not lost. In fact, here are five posts you may have missed, but will want to check out as we head into October.

From Thought to Reality: Underwater Surveillance Robots Take 3D Under the Sea

By revolutionizing the underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) industry, SeaBotix is changing the way we explore our oceans. The company was created to reimagine the ROV from a large, bulky device to a more compact and versatile vessel. The result is helping scientists and adventurers make important discoveries and uncover long-lost secrets under the sea. Check out the video to hear founder Jesse Rodocker explain how he works with his team to brainstorm new ideas and modify existing designs to create high-end ROVs.


Ice Bucket Challenge Cheaters

This summer, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge helped the ALS Association raise massive amounts of awareness and upwards of $115 million to combat ALS. Chances are you or someone in your Facebook feed participated, but just how cold was that bucket of ice water? SOLIDWORKS Sr. Technical Customer Support Engineer Julien Boissat took to SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation to study just how long it would take to make your bucket ice cold.


Simulating Fatigue Failure: It’s Like 1,000 Punches from My Grandmother!

To explain how to simulate fatigue failure, SOLIDWORKS Territory Technical Manager Kapil Gaitonde wants to play a game of “would you rather?” In this case, would you prefer one punch in the nose from Mike Tyson or 1,000 nose punches from your Grandmother? Either way, your nose will not escape without punishment. Read this post and watch the video demonstrating how you can simulate fatigue analysis in SOLIDWORKS Simulation.


Designing for the Internet of Things—Are You Ready?

Look in your kitchen, living room, car or even your grill and you’ll start to realize that the internet of things is gaining momentum in all aspects of our lives. This is just the beginning and the ripple effect will shape aspects of engineering for years to come. With an estimated 100 billion connected devices coming by 2020, refining how these devices are designed will become one of the primary technical challenges over the next decade. Visit this post to access information to help you design for the internet of things including an infographic and a best practices webinar covering #IOT design.

Internet of Things Blog Infographic

SOLIDWORKS Quick Tip: 8 Ways to Insert a Component into an Assembly

This SOLIDWORKS Tech Blog entry from Hawk Ridge Systems covers the eight ways you can insert components into assembly models. Which way is best? That’s for you to decide. After reading this post, you’ll have the know-how to test all eight options.


Make sure to keep an eye to our blog during October for more tips, user stories and reports from the annual Pumpkin Chunkin’ competition.

Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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