Cleaner Water Out of Simulation and Into the World

The earth is covered by nearly 71 percent water. Of that 71 percent, only about 2.5 percent is clean enough to drink. That being said, only 1 percent is actually easily accessible. The rest of it is confined to glaciers and ice fields. Although in some regions of the world, water seems to be flowing freely, others face deadly droughts and devastating pollution, making fresh water a hot commodity. Fortunately, water treatment technology has developed to meet this essential human need.

One company above all others swam upstream against the development approaches its competitors have been using for decades. Clearstream Environmental Inc. challenged the status quo and built a new future for water treatment. “While many water treatment companies use 2D tools, we made the decision to use 3D design and simulation technology from the very beginning,” explains Director of Engineering Dustin Birch. “By having detailed design and engineering analysis information at our disposal, we are able to consistently develop innovative, better-performing equipment, faster than our competitors.”


Clearstream Environmental set out to carve a market niche in the water treatment industry. By automating system development and advancing the effectiveness of water treatment technology, it embraced a philosophy of innovation, and the “company was founded around SOLIDWORKS,” Senior Designer Chris Price recalls, to accept that challenge.

Clearsteam uses a number of SOLIDWORKS products, such as SOLIDWORKS Premium, SOLIDWORKS Simulation, and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis software. Being able to conceptually visualize how the system will function allows the company to spot possible interferences before they occur. As an added bonus, 3D visualization capabilities provided by SOLIDWORKS enhances the company’s proposals. Sales results have been crystal clear. Since implementing SOLIDWORKS, Clearstream increased sales 100 percent annually for seven consecutive years, boosted water/sludge separation efficiency by 25 percent, delivered systems four to eight weeks faster than competitors, and cut proposal development time from days to hours.

Check out the full case study here to find out more about how Clearstream Environmental Inc. utilized SOLIDWORKS to save time, increase sales, and treat water. To learn how you can maximize efficiency through CAD-embedded Simulation, click the banner and explore SOLIDWORKS Simulation.


Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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