July’s Top 5 SOLIDWORKS Blog Posts

Another month is in the books and it’s hard to believe, but 2014 is now more than half over. With time passing by at such an accelerated rate, the SOLIDWORKS blogging team wants to make sure you’ve been able to stay current with top posts from our Education, Tech and Corporate blogs. If you’re headed on holiday in August, just bookmark these and enjoy SOLIDWORKS from a sandy beach. If vacation is not in your future, you can always add a beach background to your computer screen.

Without further ado, here are posts from July that you may have missed, but will want to read:

FREE SOLIDWORKS Summer Edition, 3D CAD Software for Students and Educators!

Students and Educators have free access to the SOLIDWORKS Student Engineering Kit for the summer! Whether you’re interested in learning what SOLIDWORKS has to offer or want to get ahead of the game for next year, now is the time to get started. This post will provide the info you need to register.

How to Create Spur and Helical Gears in SOLIDWORKS

This 23-minute video tutorial shows not only how to create Spur and Helical Gears using SOLIDWORKS, but also how to add intelligence to your designs and let SOLIDWORKS do most of the heavy lifting for you. This video also relies heavily on equations, so it serves as a great introduction to using math skills in SOLIDWORKS.


75 Years of Batman

The Dark Knight celebrated his 75th birthday in July and SOLIDWORKS Senior User Advocacy and Community Manager Jeremy Regnerus asked the question, “Riddle me this: what is Batman designing in SOLIDWORKS?” To find the answer, Regnerus looked at six of the Caped Crusader’s most famous gadgets and discussed how each uses SOLIDWORKS to keep Gotham safe.


SOLIDWORKS Part Reviewer: Sand Cast Bottle Opener Tutorial

You never think about needing a bottle opener until you realize the drinks you just purchased are not twist offs. You could buy a bottle opener, but you have the skills to make the great opener that you deserve. This sand cast aluminum bottle opener part reviewer shows techniques to create surface features that maintain correct draft at the parting line. It also discusses how to add text with draft on non-planar surfaces.


Dartmouth College Students Go from Concept to Business in One Semester

This blog post covers the story of Tray Bien, a company created by two Dartmouth College students as an engineering course assignment. During this course, students Shinri Kamei and Krystyna Miles designed their first model in SOLIDWORKS, an ergonomic tray using six slotted holes on the perimeter to carry wine and pint glasses, and have turned the model into a business poised to improve the service industry.

Tray Bien engineers and founders Shinri Kamei and Krystyna Miles
Tray Bien engineers and founders Shinri Kamei and Krystyna Miles


In August we’ll continue to share tips, user stories, and part reviewers. We’ll also begin to preview what’s to come in SOLIDWORKS 2015. Thank you for reading!


Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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