Concept Before CAD Episode 4: Detail Design in SOLIDWORKS CAD

We left off a few weeks ago in episode 3 with the promise to finish detailing out our giant touch-display mounting system. So how exactly did we get from concept design to production-ready deliverables? Check out episode 4 of Concept Before CAD.

Concept Before CAD - Episode 4 - Detailed DesignIn this episode we take you through another design iteration in SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual before launching into SOLIDWORKS 2014 to finish out the detailed design.  You’ll see how we add manufacturing design intent, spec out off-the-shelf hardware and validate the performance using linear dynamic simulation.

We bypassed many of the traditional conceptual design workflows, such as email threads, file sharing sites, and design review meetings.  Instead Mechanical Conceptual gave us a more connected and social experience where we could quickly try out multiple design ideas, collaborate with team members, and capture the evolution of the design digitally.  Once our team agreed on the concept, the detailed assembly, drawings, and simulations were completed in SOLIDWORKS and ready for manufacture in about eight hours of real time.


Click here to download the complete SOLIDWORKS 2014 parts, assembly, and drawing package.

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