3DMP: Creating Rich 3D Content with SolidWorks Composer



3DMP (3D Marketing & Production) is a newly formed company in France that specializes in multimedia and audiovisual tools. Part of Master Image, specialists in corporate branding and creators of documentaries, publicity for television, and corporate films, 3DMP provides services to marketing and communication teams of companies that need expertise in 3D digital imaging and animations.

3DMP aims to depict a customer’s product as realistically as possible in terms of graphics, aesthetics, and content. “Our added value lies in being able to provide our customers with presentations or animations that imitate the actual product with surprising realism thanks to 3D digital representations” explains Jean Marcel Heudier, CEO of 3DMP. “The challenge lies in being as close to the actual product as possible.”

To meet this challenge, 3DMP implemented SolidWorks Composer to facilitate creating content for their customers. With SolidWorks Composer, 3DMP has been able to create documentation derived directly from their customers 3D models. Moreover, with SolidWorks Composer, 3DMP has been able to work with extremely large, complex models in ways they never could have prior, ultimately reducing data transfer time by 90%.

If you’d like to learn more about how 3DMP has benefited from utilizing SolidWorks Composer, check out their full case study on the SolidWorks website.

To learn more about how SolidWorks Composer can benefit your business, check out our User Manual video series.


Jeffery Wong

Jeffery Wong

Product Management Intern at SolidWorks Corp.
Jeff Wong is mechanical engineering student and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), captain of WPI's varsity soccer team, and works with the product management team at SolidWorks Corp. Jeff has attained his CSWP certification, and has created multiple videos for the SolidWorks Composer YouTube channel.
Jeffery Wong