Eight Key Benefits of SolidWorks Composer for Design Teams

I recently gave a presentation on SolidWorks Composer at the ASEE Midyear Engineering Design and Drafting Conference hosted by Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). The audience that evening was comprised of professors from around the country from a range of various institutions, many of which had never heard of Composer before. As I described Composer and some of its features, one of the most common questions I was asked, which echoed many of the questions I’ve been asked by prospective Composer customers, is “How does SolidWorks Composer benefit me when I have to create technical communications (work instructions, assembly instructions, spare parts manuals, etc.).”

Through my experience speaking with actual Composer customers and hearing their success stories, I’ve heard first hand how Composer can make creating technical communications faster, easier, and increase the quality of deliverables substantially from other methods. However, recent research by TechValidate has confirmed many of the exciting stories we hear from our customers.

techvalidate key benefits

From TechValidate’s data, over 40% of respondents found that Composer benefited their business when creating their documentation because it made the process faster, easier, and allowed them to no longer need to wait for final CAD models or physical prototypes. To see more great data from TechValidate, check out: https://www.techvalidate.com/product-research/dassault-systemes-solidworks-composer

To learn more about how SolidWorks Composer can benefit your business, check out our User Manual video series.



Jeffery Wong

Jeffery Wong

Product Management Intern at SolidWorks Corp.
Jeff Wong is mechanical engineering student and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), captain of WPI's varsity soccer team, and works with the product management team at SolidWorks Corp. Jeff has attained his CSWP certification, and has created multiple videos for the SolidWorks Composer YouTube channel.
Jeffery Wong