Agrometer a/s Overcomes Design Process Bottlenecks with SolidWorks Composer

Agrometer a/s is a global supplier of pumps and applications for irrigation, clean water, slurry, and all types of waste-water. Founded in 1977, the Danish company’s customer base is in the agricultural, municipal, manufacturing, marine, and offshore industries.

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Before implementing SolidWorks Composer, Agrometer a/s found itself bottlenecked during the design process by technical communications and spare part catalogs. Prior to implementation, Agrometer a/s utilized PDFs from SolidWorks 3D assemblies as the input for spare parts illustrations.

“It was a very time-consuming method for several reasons. First you had to wait until the designer had finished the 3D model before you could start to work on the documentation, and also the files of the SolidWorks models were so big that it took a long time to complete a spare part document. The 3D model contains so much information that we don’t need for the documentation and it forced our computers to work hard with unnecessary information,” explains Technical Designer Carina Jensen. “Therefore we had catalogs that weren’t at all up-to-date. They could be years older than the latest version of the product, but that’s not a problem today.”

After adding SolidWorks Composer to their team’s tools, Agrometer a/s immediately began to see the many benefits SolidWorks Composer has to offer.


“The most important benefit for us is that you can work simultaneously with design and documentation. Once the designer is ready with a small part of the design, I can start to produce the spare part catalog. If there are changes later on in the design process in the part I have already documented in SolidWorks Composer, automatically updating the spare part document is just a click away. That saves a lot of time, and in combination with not having to deal with the large assembly file in SolidWorks Composer, it allows my computer to work much faster,” adds Jensen.

To learn more about how SolidWorks Composer has helped Agrometer a/s, check out their full case study on the SolidWorks website!

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Jeffery Wong

Jeffery Wong

Product Management Intern at SolidWorks Corp.
Jeff Wong is mechanical engineering student and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), captain of WPI's varsity soccer team, and works with the product management team at SolidWorks Corp. Jeff has attained his CSWP certification, and has created multiple videos for the SolidWorks Composer YouTube channel.
Jeffery Wong