SolidWorks Composer: Automating the Creation of Controls Assembly Instructions


Leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the heavy duty truck and o? -highway construction and agriculture markets rely on ARENS Controls Company LLC. for by-wire control systems, power management technologies, and innovative operator interface solutions. ARENS has extended its expertise in electromechanical controls to also become a leader in power management systems. This has enabled the company to play a major role in the fast-growing hybrid vehicles segment, providing advanced-power, electronic-drivetrain components and systems to hybrid vehicle manufacturers.

Through my experience interviewing some of our SolidWorks Composer customers, I have heard over and over again that they get held up in the documentation process because they must wait until final CAD models are finished or until physical units have been produced before they can begin taking screenshots and photographs respectively. However, one of the great benefits SolidWorks Composer offered ARENS was the ability to streamline their documentation with the rest of their production cycle. “On the T79XXX, I had the instructions done before the ?rst parts arrived on the dock,” Manufacturing Engineer Rob Schwartz stressed. “Not only was I freed from having to wait for parts or assemblies, I was able to put together better content in a fraction of the usual time and there was no need to wait for production components to arrive.”

ARENS 2Not only did SolidWorks Composer help ARENS streamline their documentation process and ultimately reduce their time to market, but SolidWorks Composer also helped ARENS to produce much more clear and descriptive assembly instructions and animations.“The response from everyone in production has been very positive,” Schwartz pointed out. “Clearly, watching an animation is more e?ective than lea?ng through a stack of paper.”

To learn more about how SolidWorks Composer helped ARENS Controls Company LLC. with their assembly instructions, check out their full case study here.

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Jeffery Wong

Jeffery Wong

Product Management Intern at SolidWorks Corp.
Jeff Wong is mechanical engineering student and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), captain of WPI's varsity soccer team, and works with the product management team at SolidWorks Corp. Jeff has attained his CSWP certification, and has created multiple videos for the SolidWorks Composer YouTube channel.
Jeffery Wong