Learn How Knapheide Greatly Expanded their Business Moving from 2D to 3D

Knapheide Truck Body
Knapheide Truck Body

Customer visits are the most exciting part of my job as a SolidWorks employee.  It truly is a great experience seeing our customers use our software to create products that they’re so passionate about.  I also enjoy seeing the production line (which you don’t see in the software industry).  Watching the hard work that goes into designing, developing, and constructing a product, then seeing them use our product to help them create their product is a great feeling.


I recently visited Knapheide Manufacturing Company in Quincy, Illinois. Knapheide started building wagons for settlers looking to go west, and now create truck bodies for all types of trucks. It’s rare to see an American company that’s 165 years old and still family owned, and interesting that they’re still making a similar product. The one word that comes to mind when I think of my visit to Knapheide is “versatile.”  This company was able to change with the times and stay ahead of customer needs, developing the products their customers requested.


Several years ago, Knapheide knew that to grow their product line and expand their business, they needed to move from 2D CAD to a 3D solution.  Chris Weiss (V.P. of Engineering at Knapheide) told me how his team did their own investigation into 3D CAD products, partners, and solutions, and decided (obviously) that SolidWorks was the best fit.  Since that point, Knapheide has seen great growth, and they were able to cut out many time-consuming processes with a 3D solution.

To watch videos of the Knapheide team in action and see how they expanded their business moving 2D to 3D, visit our website (you may need to register). Also, be sure to check out the complete Knapheide case study on SolidWorks.com.

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Cliff Medling

Cliff Medling is a Senior Marketing Manager at SolidWorks and the host for the Born to Design Podcast.