Learn how USSC Group developed a breakthrough product in just four months after switching to SolidWorks

USSC Group is a leading manufacturer of world-class seating for many types of specialty vehicles, such as buses, locomotives, and fire trucks. To maintain its industry-leading engineering capabilities, USSC periodically assesses the effectiveness of its design and engineering tools. In 2009, the company evaluated the Siemens Solid Edge® software it was
using against SolidWorks software, using a range of evaluation criteria.

USSC Valor
Following that evaluation, USSC chose SolidWorks solutions because they gave the company more freedom to work with partners and customers and other integrated technologies. The seating manufacturer acquired 14 licenses of SolidWorks Professional and SolidWorks Premium design software, SolidWorks Simulation Premium analysis software, the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM product data management system, and SolidWorks Composer technical communications software.

By selecting SolidWorks solutions, USSC was able to introduce its patent-pending single-point release firefighting seat, develop a breakthrough product in just four months, improve its ability to work with partner and customer data, and
realize better design communication and demonstration capabilities.

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