Here’s how to show off your CSWP on LinkedIn (and vice versa)

CSWA, CSWP, CSWP advanced modules, and CSWE are all important certifications that demonstrate a person’s skill level with SolidWorks.  One of the easiest ways to let others know that you’ve successfully passed a SolidWorks certification exam is to list the certificate on  There are several ways to do this. A very common method right now is to simply add “, CSWP” to your last name, as in “Smith, CSWP”.  This will show your certification to anyone searching people on Linkedin.  However, this method is very limited since it’s impractical to show multiple certifications, such as  “Smith, CSWA, CSWP, CSWP-WELDMENTS, CSWP-FEA”.  My recommendation for this method is to simply show the highest tier of certification you’ve earned (CSWA, CSWP or CSWE).

In addition to that method, you can list all of your certifications on Linkedin.  Linkedin gives you the ability to add Certifications as a heading on your profile.  To do this:

  1. 6a00d83451706569e2017d40e1b3be970cLogon to with your account.
  2. Goto Profile>Edit Profile.
  3. If you haven’t already added Certifications to your profile, Certifications should appear in a list of unused headings to the right of your profile. (Please note that Linkedin has been changing its interface a lot recently, so current location of this area may change at some point.)
  4. Click on the plus symbol in the Certifications box.  This will take you to a new heading area under your profile.
  5. In Certification Name field, type in the name of the SolidWorks Certification.  For example, “Certified SolidWorks Professional”
  6. In Certification Authority field, type in “DS SolidWorks Corporation”.
  7. Under License Number, type in the validation code associated with your certification.  This code is used to verify that your cerification exists and that it belongs to you.
  8. In Dates, enter the month and year in which you earned your certification.
  9. Choose Save.
  10. Repeat for each certification you earn.
  11. You can use the reposition icon under the heading (upper right corner) to move your Certifications higher up on your profile to call attention to them quicker for visitors.
  12. Save and Exit the edit profile mode and view your profile to ensure your information is correct.
  13. You can use Linkedin to notify your contacts that you’ve updated your profile to include your certificates.  It might be a good idea for someone looking for employment.


Additional related news from the Certification Team

The SolidWorks Certification Team made an announcement at SolidWorks World 2013 about Linkedin and the SolidWorks Certification Center.  You will soon be able to list your LinkedIn profile on your online SolidWorks certification account.  SolidWorks Certification Center is found here:  This should go live by the end of this month (Feb 2013).  The new certification view of your account might look something like this:


Original version of this article appeared on SolidWorks Legion.

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Matt Lorono

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