Build your business case for PDM with our new cost savings calculator!

I’m sure you already know the major design and engineering benefits of product data management (PDM). A solution like SolidWorks Enterprise PDM gives your team a secure digital vault for product data, with full version control and instant search, delivering better collaboration and workflow, cutting design time, and minimizing file errors. Sounds good, right?

So while you may be sold on the big benefits of PDM, how do you build the case for it with senior management? To justify the investment, you need to convince them that PDM should be a priority for your business – and that it will deliver more than just an easier life for your team!

Here’s the good news. SolidWorks customers are telling us that PDM delivers huge cost savings and agility advantages for their whole business. They’ve found that their new PDM solution is up to 50% cheaper to run than their old file management system. Some have halved their design costs. Others are bringing products to market twice as fast as before, and delivering profits sooner.

But management always want hard numbers – what will the specific savings be for your business?

With SolidWorks’ new PDM cost savings calculator, you can easily quantify the financial benefits that PDM could deliver. You can also create and download a persuasive PDM cost savings report, personalized for your company in minutes. It’s an easy and effective way to help get your message across to the big suits – and get your PDM implementation started.

Try the PDM cost savings calculator now.

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