New in SolidWorks 2012: Large Design Review

One of the coolest new enhancements in the SolidWorks 2012 release is something called Large Design Review. Included with SolidWorks Premium, this lets you open massive assemblies in seconds without the need for a high-end workstation. The view is fully interactive, just like working on a smaller assembly. You can explore, analyze, and then directly open the design to make changes. You can:

  • Record walkthroughs of the assembly during review
  • Create snapshots with detailed comments for clarity
  • Full view control gives you zoom, pan, and rotation at lightning-fast speed
  • Focus on specific parts of your design with the window selection tool
  • Use common section and measure tools to accurately quantify clearances

Watch the video below to see Large Design Review in action, then visit the SolidWorks 2012 website to learn more about what's new for our 20th release.

Matthew West

SolidWorks alumnus. I like plate reverb, Rat pedals, Thai curry, New Weird fiction, my kids, Vespas, Jazzmasters, my wife & Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not necessarily in that order.