New in SolidWorks 2012: Enhanced Drawings Functionality

SolidWorks 2012 includes some new tools that help you create better-looking and more accurate drawings, improves your drawing revision process, and helps you complete drawings faster so you can get back to design. For example,

  • Context-sensitive menus guide you to the right drawing fast
  • Create exploded views with a simple drag-and-drop
  • Changed dimensions are automatically highlighted and show previous values to help with revisions
  • Sequential balloon ordering and magnetic lines automatically help order and position balloons

Watch the video below to see these enhancements in action, then visit the SolidWorks 2012 website to learn more about what's new for our 20th release.

Matthew West

SolidWorks alumnus. I like plate reverb, Rat pedals, Thai curry, New Weird fiction, my kids, Vespas, Jazzmasters, my wife & Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not necessarily in that order.