Create your best detailed views ever with the Digger!

Hi – this week I want to tell you about some more cool (but valuable) functionality in 3DVIA Composer – the Digger. The Digger is patented technology that allows you to quickly create sophisticated detailed views of your 3D models. 

You can zoom in on different areas of the model and peel away geometry to see what's behind it. And as you peel away geometry, you can do it in Onion Skin mode to hide the geometry you peel away, or X-Ray mode, which leaves a ghosted image of the peeled away geometry…very cool stuff. The Digger tool looks like this:

Its controls are intuitively arranged and easy to use. Any time you want to activate it in 3DVIA Composer, all you have to do is hit your space bar.  Once you're happy with the detailed view you've created inside the Digger Zone, you can capture it as a 2D image that can be saved off with a new view. And of course, if you read my I Hate Cool Technology!!! blog post, you'll know that those views can be saved as hi-res imagery and inserted into your technical communication deliverables, such as assembly instructions, product manuals and marketing collateral. 

If you want to see the Digger in action, check out the video below or click here to download a trial version of 3DVIA Composer and try it for yourself. And until next time…clear your mind, focus, and get that project done!

Peter Rucinski

Peter Rucinski

My technical background is based on BS and MS degrees in plastics engineering from UMASS Lowell and a career focused on all things injection molding – simulation, plastics materials, part design, mold design, mold making and injection molding process troubleshooting & optimization. And I have been extremely fortunate to have developed business acumen that comes from being intimately involved in growing a small engineering software company ~7X in revenues while tripling headcount, successfully executing an IPO and multiple acquisitions, coaching product teams and developing the go-to-market strategy for numerous successful product launches.