Sabine Gossart and Sue Evans are helping turn the engineering men’s club co-ed

women in the SolidWorks commu
nity have made this year’s CRN
list of the technology reseller
channel’s female movers and shakers.

CRN has
named Sabine Gossart, DS SolidWorks’ vice president, worldwide channel marketing
MCAD Technologies
CEO Sue Evans to its
100: The Most Powerful Women of the Channel
2010 list.

Sue_photoSue Evans
owns the only female-led SolidWorks reseller, Colo.-based MCAD Technologies.
She founded the company 17 years ago when male domination of the engineering
industry was still in full bloom, and has since built the company into a four-state
operation reselling SolidWorks software in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and
Washington. DS SolidWorks recognized MCAD as one of its top 10 resellers in
2009, and named Evans to its Presidents Club. Evans advocates a no-nonsense
formula for women who want to succeed in engineering and software: work ethic,
honesty, morals, confidence in their own abilities, and a healthy disregard for
limits on their potential.

Sabine gossart

Sabine Gossart
has been in charge of DS SolidWorks’ channel marketing operation since 2004,
and has been with DS SolidWorks since 1995. In the past year alone, she has instituted
programs that have increased resellers’ lead generation capabilities by more
than 30 percent; trained them in realizing a higher return on their marketing
investments; and evaluated their websites for consistent branding and search
engine optimization. Later this year Gossart’s team will introduce online
marketing training and certification which will greatly increase the reach of
the organization globally to all its reseller marketing employees. Gossart’s
key piece of advice to women on the move is unapologetically pragmatic: Set
goals for yourself and go after them. Don’t wait for others to do that for you.
Volunteer to take on new projects and show results. Initiative and results are
what companies need and want.