The SWUGN Technical Summits Are Back!

I am one of those people who likes to try to pinpoint a moment in time that sets about a series of events that all lead to something.  In this case it's how did I end up working at SolidWorks.  Well it goes all the way back to October 2005, and a 2-day SolidWorks Technical Summit.  It was the first time I met Richard Doyle, and it was the event that got the ball rolling for the Los Angeles SolidWorks User Group, and everything since then.

So beyond these summits being a good place to network and meet people, what are they?

Well they are like mini SolidWorks Worlds.  Of course there are no massive stages, or 5,000 people general sessions, but there is plenty of networking, ton's of learning, and easily  the best value for a days worth of top notch training.  All for $40!

The day starts out with breakfast and an opening session hosted by Richard Doyle.  Then its off to the first two morning sessions, each of them being an hour and fifteen minutes long.  At each session time slot you will have your choice of two different topics to choose from.  Richard does a good job of trying to spread out the more popular topics throughout the day so you won't have too tough of a choice. 

Lunch quickly rolls around and by that time your guaranteed to already have a few pages of notes that will include quite a few tips that you can't wait to use in your daily work.  Lunch is of course provided, and there are usually some prizes to be given away.  I have heard he sometimes even gives out a free pass to the next SolidWorks World!

After lunch it's three more sessions where you have six topics to choose from.  Don't be afraid to split the sessions, just be mindful of others when switching rooms!

And just like that the day ends.  So what did you get out of it?  Well considering the fact that these events usually have top notch presenters, I guarantee you will learn something.  I have been to a few of these over the past two years, and have learned something every time.  It is hands down the most productive way for a company to spend $40, and a days pay on training.  About the only way you will not learn anything is if you fall asleep in a corner somewhere.

So when and where are they in 2010?  Well here is a list:

San Jose, CA 3/23 (Registration is open)

Durham, NC 4/20 (Registration is open)

Chicago, IL 5/25

Omaha, NE 6/22

London, UK 7/20

Harrisburg, PA 8/24

Cincinnati, OH 9/21

Salt Lake City, UT 10/26

Tacoma, WA 11/16

I personally will be attending at least one of those, so I hope to see you at that one.  Registration is already open for the first two events, so get signed up today, you don't want to miss out!  More information can be found on the SWUGN Site.

Mike Puckett

Senior Manager, Worldwide Certification Program, SOLIDWORKS