The Certified SolidWorks Expert Exam

At SolidWorks World 2010 we announced the newest certification exam added to our growing list, the Certified SolidWorks Expert exam (CSWE).  For those who were not there, here is some information on it.

The CSWE exam is targeted at the SolidWorks user who you may think of as the 'go-to' person for answers in a company.  He is the person who knows how to solve modeling problems when they just aren't that straight forward. 

Unlike our other exams, the CSWE exam has some prerequisites that have to be met to even be able to take the exam.  First, you must have successfully taken and passed any version of the core CSWP exam.  Second, you must have taken and passed at least three of the five advanced topic exams we currently offer.  Those advanced topics include Surfacing, Sheet Metal, Mold Tools, Weldments, and SolidWorks Simulation (Linear FEA).

The CSWE exam is a culmination of the exams that come before it.  So as a user climbs the certification ladder, the CSWE is meant to be a final step in that process.  So in order to be a CSWE, you have to achieve the other levels first, because they are the foundation for which the CSWE was created upon.

The exam itself focuses on different ares of core SolidWorks meaning that the advanced topics are not included, and left to the advanced topic exams.  So you will not encounter any surfacing, or sheet metal questions, etc in the exam.  That's not to say though that some of that functionality can't be used to answer some of the questions though.  A true SolidWorks Expert will know how to solve modeling issues in a variety of ways.

It is a three hour exam that currently contains fifteen modeling challenges, and a score of 80% is required to pass the exam.  If the exam is not passed,  a 90 day waiting period to retake the exam will be in effect.  The cost to take the exam is $149 and is available through the online certification webstore.  You may also notice that unlike our other exams, we are not offering a sample exam.  Why?  Well that would simply make it too easy right?

SolidWorks customers with current subscription service are encouraged to visit the customer portal to see what offers are available to them for free exams.  This offer will cover the cost of the CSWP, and the advanced exams if your license qualifies.

If you would like more information on the exam, please visit the CSWE Site.

Mike Puckett

Senior Manager, Worldwide Certification Program, SOLIDWORKS