Welded to the spot – and now edge…

One of the most common questions from people who have welded structures is, “can you model welds?”. Well, obviously!

In 2010 we have a new edge weld connector, similar to the spot weld connector already available.

The tool allows you define a fillet or groove weld, either single or double sided between any two sheet metal parts or shell structures like the one below.


By picking two intersecting surfaces the edge weld is generated for you at the intersecting curve.


Now all you have to do is pick an electrode material from the list of steel and aluminium types, and provide an estimated weld size.


The weld is then ready to go!

Simply solve your simulation as usual and the forces and moments are automatically passed through the new weld onto the surrounding structure.


However the really neat bit comes next. Not only is the weld connector a new joint type, it currently compares the forces and moments through the weld to the AWS 1.1 standard and tells you if the weld size you have chosen is good enough!

To get this info, RMB the Results folder and chose Define Weld Check Plot. Hit the OK tick and you get a new dialog that lists all your welds into two groups, those that pass and those that fail according to the standard.

image This allows you to browse each connector and see where you need to define a larger weld.

What is more, if you chose a weld in this dialog and hit the Details button, you get even more helpful info containing the required weld and throat size plus the forces and moments experienced by the weld in the particular configuration you tested.


And as a final benefit, you can also plot the required weld size and throat size along the weld length (from an indicated start point and direction) based upon the loads generated from the simulation.

image imageSo you can see that with a few short steps it is possible to assess your design for weld sizes. In fact you could put any arbitrary weld size in, because the software then tells you what is ultimately needed, which is of course what you want to know!

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