The New Certified SolidWorks Professional Exam Is Now Available

This past weekend we released the fourth edition of the Certified SolidWorks Professional Exam.  The new exam is different to the past versions in one big way.  Instead of requiring a user to commit three continuous hours to take the exam, this release has been broken down into three separate segments which affords a few great benefits.

Users can take the three separate segments when their schedule allows so they will not have to take a large chunk of time away from their normal work flow.  Once a segment is passed the user can move onto the other segments at their leisure.  They can choose to take the segments in any order they choose as well.  If a user fails a segment, they have the option of purchasing that segment alone at one-third the cost of the entire exam instead of having to purchase the entire exam again.  Once all three segments have been passed our system will automatically issue their certificate to them.

The segments are broken down as follows:

Segment 1: (90 Minutes)

  • Create a part from a drawing
  • Use linked dimensions and equations to aid in modeling
  • Use of equations to relate dimensions
  • Update of parameters and dimension sizes
  • Mass property analysis
  • Modification of geometry on initial part to create a more complex part

Segment 2: (40 Minutes)

  • Creating configurations from other configurations
  • Changing configurations
  • Mass properties
  • Changing features of an existing SolidWorks part

Segment 3: (80 Minutes)

  • Creating an assembly
  • Adding parts to an assembly
  • Doing collision detection when moving a part in an assembly
  • Mates 
  • Replacing a part with another part in an assembly
  • Creating a coordinate system
  • Using a coordinate system to perform mass properties analysis

The exam itself requires SolidWorks 2008 Service Pack 3.1 or later, SolidWorks Student Edition 2009, or even the SolidWorks Engineering Stimulus Program version, to complete the exam.  The requirement to download and modify existing SolidWorks files means that only SolidWorks can be used to take the exam.

As far as cost, the price of the exam remains unchanged at $99us and if a segment has to be retaken, the cost of each segment is $33us.  For SolidWorks customer who have a current Subscription Contract, they are entitled to take one free CSWP or CSWA exam for each seat of software they have on Subscription.  That benefit can be accessed via this LINK in the Customer Portal.  Another way is to attend a local SolidWorks User Group Meeting where many of the groups this year have been giving away free exams as well.

In preparation for the exam we recommend taking the following SolidWorks Training Classes:

SolidWorks Essentials

SolidWorks Drawings

Advanced Part Modeling

Advanced Assembly Modeling

You can find your local SolidWorks Authorized Training Center at this LINK.

More information about the new CSWP exam can be found at this LINK, and here is a rundown of the content covered in the exam:

  • Sketch entities – lines, rectangles, circles, arcs, ellipses, centerlines
  • Sketch tools – offset, convert, trim
  • Sketch relations
  • Boss and cut features – extrudes, revolves, sweeps, lofts
  • Fillets and chamfers
  • Draft
  • Shell
  • Hole Wizard
  • Linear, circular and fill patterns
  • Linked dimensions
  • Equations
  • Mirror
  • Dimensions
  • Feature conditions – start and end 
  • Multi-body parts
  • Rib
  • Feature scope
  • Mass properties
  • Move/Delete face
  • Materials
  • Restraints
  • Inserting components – new and existing
  • Standard mates and advanced mates
  • Reference geometry – planes, axis, mate references
  • In-context features
  • Interference detection
  • Suppression states
  • Move/Rotate component
  • Assembly features
  • Collision detection in an assembly
  • External references
  • Design tables
  • Dimensions and model items

If you have any questions about the new CSWP exam, please feel free to contact us at

Mike Puckett

Senior Manager, Worldwide Certification Program, SOLIDWORKS