Participation is good, plus it can be worth $100 bucks!

If you have taken a SolidWorks Training Course from a Value Added Reseller, your input on how the course went is very valuable information to SolidWorks.  And in the case of one training course, could net you a free Certified SolidWorks Associate exam ($100 value).

The training and services department inside SolidWorks is dedicated to making sure that SolidWorks training courses and manuals continue to set the standard for the industry.  The value and quality of training offered by VAR’s is something that SolidWorks continues to look at and improve wherever they can.  The best way to gauge the quality is to get direct feedback from those that attend the training courses.  When you attend a training course at a VAR you receive a course manual that goes along with the class.  In the front of the book there is a page that offer’s you the chance to participate in a quick three minute survey about the training course you just completed.  This gives SolidWorks a clear snapshot of how well the training courses and manuals are structured, and where they may need improvement. 

The unique thing about these surveys is that they are tied directly to the VAR you took the training with.  On that page of the book is a serial number that is unique to that book.  That serial number is tied into a database that contains information on the VAR, and the course that was taken.  The survey then feeds information back to SolidWorks so they can not only gauge the quality of the course material, but to gain a better understanding of a customer’s satisfaction with the training program.  

If you take the SolidWorks Essentials Course, taking the survey will also get you a free voucher to take the Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) for free which is worth $100 bucks!

The overall goal with this program is to make the training material provided by SolidWorks VAR’s the best in the industry.  It’s also a way to offer yet another Value Added benefit to SolidWorks customers in appreciation for their continued business.  And during these times it’s always good to see extra things being offered, instead of being taken away.

If you have a training book with a serial number you can access the survey at this Link.  The survey is available to anyone that has a book with a serial number regardless of when you took the class.

For more information about SolidWorks training courses, visit the Training Homepage where you can get information about training courses, and download training materials.

The SolidWorks Certification program offers many benefits including discounts to events along with exclusive gear at the SolidWorks Certification Homepage.

Mike Puckett

Senior Manager, Worldwide Certification Program, SOLIDWORKS