COFES Saturday Morning: Joel Orr

The elder statesman of our CAD industry, Joel Orr, keynotes Saturday morning COFES session.  His theme: Remembering The Future.

Joel played a key role in my personal career.  I met Joel in 1987 when I was raising money for my first company, Premise Inc.  Our product was called DesignView, a 2D sketcher/equation-solver that ran, wow, on Windows 2.0.

Joel gave us great advice on how to go about building our product and raising money.  Ultimately he introduced me to someone who indeed got us our investment capital.

Joel has been a great friend ever since to me and countless others in our CAD industry.  It was great to see Joel here at COFES 2009, as happy and energetic as I have ever seen him, with his charming new wife Dalia.

More next post on Joel's keynote speech.

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