Batman and Robin, Ben and Jerry, Lennon and McCartney…and Ed and Phil?

As if you needed any more reasons to attend SolidWorks World, word comes down that Ed Eaton and Phil Sluder are going to combine their enormous talents in what may turn out to be the most interesting SWW breakout session ever.  These two SolidWorks veterans will team up to explore different design and modeling challenges, and offer solutions to difficult problems submitted by SolidWorks users from around the world.

Ed Eaton
Best known for his "Curvy Stuff" sessions, Ed has presented (often multiple sessions) at SolidWorks World for the past six years.  In addition, he is a regular at local user groups and regional user events.  Ed is a Senior Industrial Designer and partner at DiMonte Group in Aurora, Illinois.

Phil Sluder
Phil presented his first "Tips and Tricks" session at SolidWorks World 1999 in Palm Springs, CA.  I remember thinking how lucky I was to have a seat in the room while dozens of other folks were standing on tiptoes outside the door trying to catch a glimpse of his session.  After 9 consecutive years, his is still one of the conferences most popular sessions.  Phil owns Triaxial Design and Analysis, an engineering services provider in San Diego, California, and is a long-time member of the SolidWorks User Group Network committee.

If you’re planning to attend SolidWorks World 2008, make sure you put this session on your list.  You will need to get there early if you want a good seat.  If you still haven’t decided to attend, what are you waiting for?

If you still need to convince your company to send you to SolidWorks World, add this session to your "Business Plan".  It might be this "Dynamic Duo" that tips the scales in your favor.

Richard Doyle
My official title is Senior User Advocacy & SolidWorks User Groups - but most people just call me "The User Group Guy". I've been a SolidWorks user since 1997, and was one of the founding members of the SWUGN Committee. Since starting the Central Texas SolidWorks User Group in 1999, my career path has led me to DS SolidWorks and a dream job supporting the SolidWorks User Group Network worldwide.
Richard Doyle
Richard Doyle