SWIFT DimXpert

I have talked a lot about how SWIFT can help to let any user design like an Expert.

SolidWorks has a tool to help with the application of dimensions and tolerances. It’s easy to apply them for manufacturing with any CAD system. The challenge is ensuring those dimensions and tolerances are correct and that they provide enough information to manufacture the parts. Traditionally, this is beyond the bounds of a CAD system. Instead, the job typically goes to a design engineer who has deep training and experience with practical application of tolerances.

SWIFT has changed all that. The SWIFT DimXpert for the first time automatically applies manufacturing specific dimensions to features such as a slot or pattern in a 2D drawing. A user selects geometry in a drawing, and DimXpert automatically identifies manufacturing features and applies the correct locating and manufacturing dimensions. The DimXpert also takes care of all location and spacing of dimensions minimizing any cleanup by the user.  This is critical because the way a part is manufactured can be entirely different from how it is designed.

SWIFT is going to help make any user an expert with SolidWorks


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