Dynamic Editing of Your Designs

Users often want to dynamically update sketches and observe the result in the feature that it produces.

It can be used in one of two ways. First, once the Move/Size Icon is clicked, you can then single click on a sketch in the FeatureManager can drag that sketch’s geometry. Once you let up on the mouse, the feature updates instantaneously

The second method is to double-click the sketch feature thereby putting the user into sketch mode. In sketch mode (and with the Move/Size Icon selected) you can do all of the functions that you would normally do in sketch mode but with the exception that any changes you make are updated “on-the-fly” as you are working in sketch mode (see Figure 1.)



Figure 1 – dragging the sketch, while in sketch mode, and letting up on the mouse button updates preview of feature automatically.

The Move/Size Feature is an important productivity tool because it aids the designer when making quick conceptual design changes, instantly showing the result of the change and allowing the designer to be able to more freely experiment.

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