SolidWorks’ new PDMWorks Enterprise gives global manufacturers streamlined product development

PDMWorks has been focused on secure revision management for the single site workgroup.  This product has delivered a significant amount of value to SolidWorks users. What become clear to us was that a segment of our customer base have needs that have evolved beyond PDMWorks as it exists today. Many more companies have multiple design or manufacturing teams working on one project. That is the reason for our announcement of PDMWorks Enterprise:

PDMWorks Enterprise is differs from PDMWorks in some key aspects:

  • multi-site access to securely vaulted design data;
  • scalability to allow hundreds of team members (including engineers, product designers, marketing staff, sales teams, etc.) to work on projects simultaneously;
  • greater design reuse, allowing engineers throughout the enterprise to plug already designed parts or assemblies into other product designs; and,
  • automated workflow that notifies team members about design changes and ensures each project follows a company’s specific approval process.

The PDMWorks product that many of you have been working with over the years is now PDMWorks Workgroup. PDMWorks Workgroup will stay focused on smaller engineering workgroups and will continue to be enhanced in the future.

With PDMWorks Enterprise we look forward to growing with our customers more global need for years to come.


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