Multiple Display States for Configurations Speed Up Large Assemblies

Blog3 Do you currently make assembly configurations just so you can see the assembly in different display states?  Well you’re not alone.  But now, in SolidWorks 2006, you won’t have to do it anymore.

Now you can toggle between display states without having to change configurations.  This is as much as 95% faster for some large assemblies, and it cuts down on the file size of your assembly!  In addition, you can also copy display states from one configuration to another.

A separate display mode (Wireframe, Hidden Lines Removed, etc.) can be created for each component in the assembly.  You can define different combinations of the following settings for each component and save them in Display States:

  • display mode
  • Hide/Show state
  • color
  • texture
  • transparency

A “Display Pane” helps you visualize the display settings for each component in a display state.  You can click the Display Pane to change display settings for each component.

In design tables, the new keyword $DISPLAYSTATE controls the configuration display state.  The keyword $SHOW is now obsolete because the Hide/Show state of components is now stored in display states.  In assembly drawings, you can create separate display states for each view.

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