Save your settings…

Whether moving from one machine to another or the next version of SolidWorks, the Copy Settings Wizard can be used to save and restore your SolidWorks Settings.

The Copy Settings Wizard (see figure 1) is available from the Windows Start menu under the SolidWorks <version> <service pack>SolidWorks Tools menu. Then select whether to save settings or restore existing settings.


Figure 1 – Copy Setting Wizard (pick to enlarge)

The next step is to decide what settings to save. Figure 2 shows the options avaiable save. You can select the personal settings (i.e., Keyboard shortcuts, Menu Customizations, and Toolbar layout) ans/or select the System options (ToolsOptions).


Figure 2 – Copy Setting Wizard options (pick to enlarge)

My preference is to save two files; one for the menu and UI stuff. This way I can way on to any computer and just restore my user interface. There are changes I do to the interface like add fylout toolbars, and large icons with no description text that I find make me more productive. I save this file to a network drive for safe keeping.

The other file are the system optins from the ToolsOptions dialog box. These are the settings that should be shared with others from your company, and possibly others who are working on projects for you. This is a way to make sure all the settings in your group or organization are using the same settings and sharing templates, etc.

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