Manufacturing ERP Software Training – Open 24 Hours

24 hour ERP software trainingWho wants free MES and manufacturing ERP software training without leaving your office (or couch) at noon or midnight, your choice? If your hand is in the air, you’re not alone. At a time of 24 hour banking, 24 hour pharmacies and around-the-clock shopping, it should be expected.

I lived in a small town growing up. Not many places were open 24 hours at that time. The joke of the town was the “24 hour” doughnut shop. Half the time, right next to that always open advertisement, hanging in the window, was a “Closed” sign. It always provided a good laugh.

In the technology age of today, so much more is possible. At IQMS, our customers agree and they request new features, functions and services every day. So when they asked for online training that was available to them at any time, we responded in true IQMS fashion and made it happen. With the spring 2012 release of the new MyIQMS website (our customer-centric information and support experience) came a training course library that is available at no additional cost to current IQMS customers.

Training videos on the website are organized into two major types. The Learn by Module section includes module-specific training videos in areas such as Accounts Receivable, Document Control, SchedulingInventory, Payroll and RealTime™ Production Monitoring, just to name a few. These videos include an overview of the module and details of how to set up and use them. All videos in this section include a follow-up quiz where users can test their understanding of the modules they have just learned.

The second section covers software enhancements and is listed by EnterpriseIQ version and then by module. These videos have proven to be a great tool for preparing users for software updates as they teach all about the changes in the specified version and allow users to get familiar with software enhancements BEFORE they install and start using them.

So, if you haven’t already been to MyIQMS, here is another reason to go check it out. Training videos are just one of the many new self-service features available to EnterpriseIQ users. As always, your feedback is welcomed. More topics are being added to our video library all the time. Do you have something specific you are looking for? If so, drop an email to or comment on this post.

Another way to tell us your ideas about MyIQMS or the EnterpriseIQ software is to join us October 16-18, 2012 at our upcoming User Group conference in Las Vegas, Nev. It’s not too late to register and we would love to see you and hear your ideas. In the meantime, when you find yourself with an extra 30 minutes and dinner is done and the kids are in bed, remember MyIQMS training and come learn something new with us.

Shannon Holloway, IQMS Director of Product Support, has been with IQMS for more than 20 years. Her roles with the company have included system analyst, customer support manager and quality assurance manager. Shannon currently oversees the IQMS technical support department.