It’s the Diverse Personalities That Make IQMS Succeed

A critical factor to IQMS success is the diversity of the employeesWhat makes a company successful? All employees must have a cumulative goal for their company (i.e. be in the Fortune 500, establish international and worldwide fame and glory, have a successful pitch and/or product, etc.). Joe Schmo on the street corner understands that part of business, but what he might incorrectly assume is that all employees for a specific business must come from the same walks of life (background). In this bloggers’ (and many others’) opinion, a business succeeds because of the diversity of its employees’ backgrounds, experiences and personalities.

After reading about IQMS, many people outside the company might assume that this place has a bunch of computer geeks who speak in code, watch Star Trek (Wars), play video games when they get home and basically have no social life. Some of that may be true, especially with job titles such as Electronic Data Interchange Specialist, Automation Specialist and Application Programmer.

And when we say things like, “It looks like your database has gone into a dismounted state because you have some bad blocks on your drive and it shut down to protect itself from damage” or “You’ve suffered corruption in your undo table space and we will need to create a new table space and data files to correct your issue,” it certainly doesn’t help our personality image. This is truly not who we are as individuals or as a whole.

Here are some prime examples of our diversity here at IQMS:

  • One employee, who is perceived even by his fellow employees as a computer geek, was once a police officer in the mean streets of West Covina, California.
  • Another person, who could be the definition in the Webster Dictionary of an Information Technology employee, was once part of the great U.S. Air Force.
  • A few employees were great high school athletes, including one who was an All-CIF offensive lineman (and is actually the person who stated the above technical quotes).
  • There is even a bartender among us (By the way, the ingredients of a Flaming Lamborghini are equal parts Kahlua, Sambuca, Blue Curacao liqueur and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Just saying…).

If we were all just monotonous with our jobs, we might as well be robots. An individual’s background, experiences and personality are what make companies like IQMS succeed. Although you have to have a pretty good understanding of how a computer works, I myself am a great example of how someone with no more than knowledge of Word and Excel can work at IQMS. I have been dubbed the guy with the crazy, interesting and different personality. I have also been the person people say makes it less boring to work here. I work hard and do my job here well, but my personal goal is to always make someone laugh or smile every day.

Other IQMS employees have great stories to tell when there are five minutes of downtime. Some will participate in other ways such as always bringing snacks for all employees to share. The different and random traits we have here as individuals are what make this company a success from the personal side of things. I would know, I’m in the Human Resources Department. All the computer networking and troubleshooting stuff we do is just like our software’s Data Dictionary: Without all the different information (employees) on the front end of the software, there’s no reason to have it.

In conclusion, a company’s success is based on one thing: its employees. Their knowledge gets them through the technical part of the job, but their background, experiences and personalities is what makes a company succeed and prosper.

Nicholas Roldan, IQMS Human Resources Administrator, helps facilitate and manage the hiring process at IQMS. The rapid need for additional employees at IQMS ensures that Nic is kept very busy (nearly 60 new hires in the first half of 2015 alone!).