How to Prepare for a Smooth ERP Software Update

Tools to ensure a smooth ERP software upgradeIf there is one infallible truth in manufacturing ERP software, it’s that you will never run out of things to learn. Technology is always changing and regardless of whether you hate change or thrive on it, it is coming. So how better to deal with it than to take it by the horns and run with it? Learning to embrace change brings with it a certain peace; a “letting go” of sorts that leaves you feeling empowered. It also allows you the confidence to say “bring it on.”

If we are talking software, then the obvious example for manufacturers is searching for and implementing a new ERP software package. But what about the company that isn’t changing software providers? For them, it is the highly anticipated “next version” that keeps them progressing forward.

One major key in mastering the art of change is preparation. How, you might ask, does one prepare for an upcoming software version? Regardless of who your software provider is, you should be able to rely on them to help in this area. Some tools that IQMS provides to our customers are:

What’s Changed Documentation: Available through the IQMS website and the update DVD, this document includes all the new software enhancements and software fixes. This document can be used to better prepare individuals for changes in their specific areas and to educate them on new features that may apply to them and help in their day-to-day jobs.

Update Installation Instructions: Also available through the IQMS website and the update DVD, this document includes all of the necessary steps to complete the update. It should be reviewed ahead of time by the person who will be performing the update to ensure a smooth update process.

• Software Enhancement Virtual Training Classes: These classes are offered as live, online training courses covering many of the new enhancements to the software. Virtual training class sessions are FREE to all IQMS customers. Sessions are also recorded and broken down by module and made available on the IQMS website for viewing.

Another good idea is to roll out an update to a testing instance prior to installing on your live system. Let users know they will have a specific amount of time to use their respective areas in the “sandbox” prior to the update being installed in the production environment. This will often give users the opportunity to check out any changes they need to be aware of and give them peace of mind in the midst of change.

With the recent release of EnterpriseIQ 7.8.1, the calls to Technical Support with update requests and update questions are at a high right now. It is a great feeling to watch the excitement of users about the new features that await them. As they prepare to install the software update, hopefully they are taking advantage of IQMS’ available resources to help ensure a successful update.

What other ways do you prepare for a software update?

Shannon Holloway, IQMS Director of Product Support, has been with IQMS for more than 20 years. Her roles with the company have included system analyst, customer support manager and quality assurance manager. Shannon currently oversees the IQMS technical support department.