Everything I Need … Is In My ERP Software!

Everything you need is in an ERP systemOne unfortunate morning a few years ago, I got an early call at home from my boss informing me that my 1st floor office had been broken into and my computer was stolen.  It so happened that I had left my laptop on my desk, hooked to an external monitor, a VOIP phone and a printer.  When the burglar alarm/noise-intrusion sensor went off, scaring the intruders into a more heightened sense of urgency, they made a quick grab for my laptop, but ended up dragging along the monitor, the phone and the printer.  Pieces of my printer (the paper tray, paper, little broken plastic pieces) were strewn across the parking lot.  By the time the police arrived on the scene, the intruders were long gone, miscellaneous plastic parts left behind, and they were likely on the highway headed out of town.

Not surprisingly, I panicked at this news.  What about all my information?  My reports?  My data?  What would I do?  How painful would this be?

The local police made note of all the pertinent information but offered little hope for recovery.  Our IT department made available an alternate computer for my use while ordering me a new one;  I received the usual talking-to about backing-up my data.  When I finally got back to work, I quickly found that I wasn’t in too much trouble.

I still had access to our EnterpriseIQ ERP system!  They couldn’t take that away from me.  I can access the system from anywhere, log in, run a report, review documents, respond to workflows – from anywhere.

Until that day, I hadn’t realized that the bulk of any day’s work was not dependent on my personal computer, my stored information or my reports.  Most of any day’s work could be completed by accessing information in EnterpriseIQ, views or reports.

For my purposes related to both Administration and HR, areas I access on any given day include:

And on and on.  It was almost disappointing.  My data isn’t even really special (although my particular role is);  I’m replaceable by someone else (or perhaps multiple individuals) who is (are) trained in the system, can access the same information, and plan equivalent courses of action.  One of the tremendous values in having a comprehensive ERP system is in the ease with which I can fulfill my responsibilities, independent of specific hardware or location, as well as the ease with which a “backup” could do the same.

I still try to remember to back-up the data on my personal computer, but I’m confident that most of the information I need at work will be available to me when I need it.  It’s nice to NOT worry about something!

Liz Alflen, IQMS Director of Human Resources and Administration, has been involved in the manufacturing industry for more than 20 years. Prior to joining IQMS, Liz worked as a product manager with the Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) provider, PlantStar, after graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in packaging engineering.