Best Practices and Operational Improvements with ERP for Metal Stamping

Horizon-Die_2Recently, IQMS’ Illinois customer, Horizon Die, spoke with fellow manufacturing executives at a recent Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) event in Troy, Michigan. They were excited to explain the reasons they searched for and selected IQMS as their Manufacturing ERP to run their tooling and stamping business. They also presented best practices and operating improvements from their implementation of IQMS to a large group of executives from metal forming members.

Co-owner and executive vice-president, Pete Badovinac, shared that Horizon Die’s growth compelled them to conduct a search for a modern ERP system. As they hired a number of new employees and leaders after the downturn of 2008 through 2010, each person relied on their own methods for record keeping and reporting. With important data spread across individual spreadsheets and emails on PCs and network folders it was very challenging to share information effectively. It was also very difficult to pull together accurate and current KPIs for managing the business.

Additionally, Horizon Die planned to pursue ISO/TS16949 certification, but realized that they needed to become very well-organized to be successful in this effort. Their leadership team also saw a shift coming in requirements from existing and prospective customers in their selection criteria for new programs. They expected Horizon Die to have complete and accurate records and reports to drive daily operations and decision making to assure consistent, on-time delivery of quality products.

As a producer of progressive dies and complex metal stampings including electrical terminals, Horizon Die, selected IQMS as their enterprise software for several reasons. They found that IQMS is manufacturing-specific ERP and able to address issues important to stampers such as material planning, family tools and fast production scheduling. Mr. Badovinac added that their team was comfortable with IQMS’ intuitive menus, ease of use, and ability to scale as Horizon Die grew. It was also apparent to their team that the IQMS sales, training, implementation and support teams were sincere and knowledgeable.

Operations Manager, Dan Foelske, next led the discussion telling stories about best practices, results and improvements from their implementation including streamlining sales order processing, work order generation, purchasing, scheduling, quality management, production reporting and shipping as well as their front office work for accounting, costing and financial reporting.

Best Practices for Implementing ERP:

  • Rely on the IQMS team’s experience and process
  • Practice Makes Perfect – use the IQMS Hands-on Training System
  • Don’t try to be an expert from day 1
  • Leverage the system’s behavior settings to tailor logic as much as possible

Results and Improvements:

  • Significant improvements in up-time, MRP, inventory accuracy and on-time deliveries
  • Better information sharing and quicker, fact-based decision making
  • Successful TS 16949 certification. Horizon Die was cited for 5 best practices by their registrar including 3 directly related to Horizon’s use of the IQMS MRO and Workforce modules
  • Accurate KPI’s and financials based on a common source of truth for operating information

It is clear to this writer listening to these two executives share their experience that it is critical for manufacturers to deal with a software provider who listens well, understands their industry and is tuned in to their specific needs as a company to assure a successful ERP and MES software implementation.

Click here to watch a short video to see how IQMS has helped Horizon Die become a “better manufacturer”.

Ed Potoczak, IQMS Director of Industry Relations, has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Formerly an ERP consultant at the Oakstone Group and Plante Moran, Ed has also held positions as a senior systems engineer for Chrysler, technical sales leader in parts suppliers and general manager for a process equipment builder.