Enter the SolidWorks World 2013 Internet Correspondent Contest and win a trip to Orlando!


Every winter, we travel somewhere warm to meet up with 5000 of our best friends for SolidWorks World. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re familiar with the event, even if you’ve never attended. Maybe you tune in to Twitter for all of the updates from the event, or maybe you keep an eye on all of the user blogs for updates. But have you ever read that stuff and thought you could do a better job–if only you could manage to get there? Well, now’s your change to prove it.

Starting today, you can enter to win the fourth annual SolidWorks World 2013 Internet Correspondent Contest. The winner of this content wins a full
SolidWorks World 2013 conference pass, as well as a hotel room for three nights and round trip airfare to and from Orlando, Florida.

The winner of the Internet Correspondent contest will meet up with me on January 20, where he or she will be provided with a video camera, an iPad, and access to the press room at SolidWorks World 2013. He or she will be expected to cover the show through some combination of YouTube videos, tweets, Facebook posts, still pictures and blog entries to help bring the SolidWorks World experience to everyone who can’t make it.

So how do you go about entering and winning this contest? Good question. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog entry telling us why we should pick you over everyone else. Why would you be the best Internet Correspondent? What would you do that no one else would think about? What insight could you bring that no one else could? All entries will be judged based on these four areas:

  • Originality of the response – 25%
  • Creativity of the reponse – 25%
  • Skill at communicating your ideas (spelling and grammar count!)  – 25%
  • Evidence of existing online/social presence – 25%

You have until 11:59 pm EDT on November 25, 2012 to enter. On November 26, 2012 (or shortly thereafter), we’ll look through all of the answers and pick a winner based on the creativity and originality of the responses. Looking for ideas? Check out Michael Lord’s winning entry from 2010.

You can click here to read the full terms and conditions of the contest. In a nutshell, you have to be 21 or older to enter, and citizens of Brazil, China and Quebec aren’t eligible (sorry). If you work for Dassault Systemes, or a DS/SolidWorks reseller or partner, (or have any immediate family members who do) you can’t enter. And if you slack off on your correspondent duties you’ll likely face unending ribbing, chiding, upbraiding, needling and any other number of quasi-derrogatory rebukes.

Not interested in journalism but still want to attend SolidWorks World 2013? Save $100 on the regular registration cost when you register by January 4, 2013. Also, you get three registrations when you pay for two, and as always, CSWPs and CSWEs save an additional $100. Learn more.

Want to learn about the benefits of attending SolidWorks World? You can find them here. Need help convincing the boss to let you go? We can help with that too.

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Download SolidWorks World 2013 Internet Correspondent Contest Terms and Conditions

Matthew West

Matthew West

SolidWorks alumnus. I like plate reverb, Rat pedals, Thai curry, New Weird fiction, my kids, Vespas, Jazzmasters, my wife & Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not necessarily in that order.
  • I have 3 years experience in social media. Have started my business a month ago I have 92 target audience Facebook likes. Around 232 twitter followers.
    I have been an affiliate marketer during these years. I have been learning solid-works over 3 years and love the program.
    My company is a small pet/animal product/manufacturer business. Designing small animal habitats and other accessories.
    Our belief is to educate the public, how best they can care for their small critters
    Currently all our ideas are in prototype stage however when they come out they will shock the pet industry!

  • I currently work for a government contractor using solidworks daily to help design and implement new products for our clients.

    In addition, I also own my own photography business and run in my down time from work. I work with many local families and small businesses on a daily basis to meet any photography needs they may have.

    Having an eye for photos, and using solidworks on a day to day basis, I would be able to bring full coverage of this event to everyone across the world!

  • D

    I’m a final year student at the University of Greenwich in UK. If i’m being too sincere to this contest, i may have to say that i’m a couch potato turned mouse potato.

    Like any other new-gen nerds i signed up for a bunch of social networking sites which only boosted my skills and abilities. Without internet i wouldn’t be the person that i’m right now.

    Coming to SolidWorks, i like the software because of its immense possibilities. The product helped me to design and create spare parts for our local car workshop.

    From this perspective if you find me as an eligible candidate, i would be so much happy to attend the expo which i believe will be an awesome moment in my career.

  • As a fifth year undergraduate student I have the necessary expertise required for impressive social media. I have heavily researched and reviewed countless post, tweets, blogs, and more. In fact, the two engineering classes I am retaking this semester are in part a result of my diverted efforts.

    Not only am I a student, I am also employed by a local manufacturing company. This company is part of the large reshoring movement and significantly increasing production at the US plant while greatly reducing output overseas. This is important because I am responsible for producing current 3D models and programming machines with Solidcam.

    My company is hiring new CAD techs, and I will be training them.

    Along with a passion for manufacturing, I have made 3D modeling a hobby.

    So, Solidworks… I am the social media guru you’ve been looking for. I know how to use a camera, I also know how to upload videos to “The YouTube”.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando.

  • So you need someone to be a correspondent to SolidWorks World 2013? You need someone to go in and find the hard truths, the good-will articles, the heartfelt tales of sadness. You need rags-to-riches stories about people who started 15 years ago with a computer and a dream. A dream to one day rule the 3D modeling world. (Then the hero comes in and saves the day or something…)

    I am your hero. I am batman.

    I should spend some time and tell you about me, but that’s not my style. Let’s face it, you want someone who will excite everyone, especially those who are not in attendance, so they will want shell out the cash to show up next year. My experiences in the manufacturing/engineering world won’t help that much.(But good looking females might; wink,wink. They always worked at the comic book conventions.)

    Give me a shot. I can form a somewhat coherent statement every once in a while and I am extremely funny (according to my kids). I am house trained and make an excellent pet for christmas. I also come with kung-fu grip to hold my phone while texting.

    If you have any questions, my default answer is “no” at first, but usually changes when you finish your question. Thanks for the opportunity. If I don’t make it, I will be following every moment on facebook. And thinking about what might have been.

    Billy Mooneyham

  • Time for SolidWorks World 2013 in beautiful Orlando, FL and you need the best Internet Correspondent possible?! Look no further! As a young man, I’m currently working in the aerospace industry where I am responsible for designing aircraft components and working with the FAA. SolidWorks has easily become my life [literally, I’m actually in the middle of modeling an aircraft part], we utilize this powerful program in every way possible to guide us from the original design through modeling, providing drawings to our manufacturers, and allowing revisions to be made and kept track of with ease.

    However, while that is all cool and dandy, there are many other reasons why I would provide the best service to SolidWorks! I’m an extremely charismatic and spontaneous person, a musician that has played and performed in front of audiences. My life has been one big adventure; I’ve driven from Florida all the way to Canada just to have breakfast there! I’ve jumped into a car 2 days before New Year’s to drive all the way to NYC to see the ball drop, with no planning! On top of this, I started a composite engineering business [specializing in manufacturing Carbon Fiber parts for sports cars.. I also have a race car I built and race] with over 650 likes on Facebook and have a YouTube channel with over 115,000 channel views! So this, combined with my other engineering friends that rely on SolidWorks for their daily work, I would easily be able to drive viewers and raise attention to SolidWorks World 2013 and keeping them updated via social networks from my powerful smartphone!

    I believe I displayed my professional experience with SolidWorks and my ability to have a social outreach during the event, but I also want to mention…..SolidWorks World is taking place in my stomping grounds, Orlando! I was just recently an engineering student at University of Central Florida [UCF]! This is my habitat… this is my home.

    So you want an internet correspondent to bring plenty of attention and excitement to the party?? I’ll be here waiting!

  • I think the best Internet Correspondent of a certain event must possess great Internet strategy. A good total merchandise packaging. I mean a geek that posses both internet and world charisma.

    To market this Hi-tech stuff and make it popular to my territory first which is the Philippines next Asian Countries, then forever stored in the worldwide online world. I think this for SolidWorks World 2013 hi-tech event needs a global attention so hello social internet media.

    Being in the internet blogging industry for more than 4 years. I came up with 3 niche blogs that I maintain regularly (techmotorsport, personal n biz and travelfoodmovie blogs).

    I can say that it boils down into a wide exposure and long term relationship. Having an experience of hosting, managing and organizing a convention, summit-seminar and presscon for pro bloggers.

    Is a very good asset on how I can put value on the table of this big world event. For the vision of win-win situation on both advertisers, business accolades, media, staff, delegates and all people who involve in the said SolidWorks World 2013 event.

    Not just an event but a vision of hope by doing it again further the next year or so. That during-after the event you create opportunities, relationship, connection, legacy and business for everybody as part of learning improvement.

    Working in a BPO or Call Center doing business in US and Canada using the internet and phone for more than 7 years. Selling business directory, Hosted PDX Telco Solutions, Office Supplies, Websites and SEO. One must be very precise and create a better solution. And it doesn’t matter whether Im in the Philippines (Using my Phone/Internet) for as long I can put value to their business.

    Same thing to this event As I do organizing events, SEO projects, Digital Strategy, blog presscon, speaking engagements on TV, Radio and Summits I think I can put justice of making significance to fly from Manila, Philippines to Orlando, Florida.

    The investment and time invested as well as hope being nourished on this remarkable Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin in Orlando, Florida event.

  • Being a social catalyst for CAD, CAM software in India thru my website http://www.dailycadcam.com, my blog, users group and social network. I am happy to connect 20k design professionals worldwide. Sharing info on design is my daily job!

    As an editor for CAD Media and News Company since 2007, it is my pleasure to read various posts on the SWW event for last six years. I thank SW Blogger friends and previous internet correspondence to present the clear virtual picture of larger than life event. I always have enthusiasm in knowing new announcements, new product launch, number of enhancements and future plans during every SWW event. So, I thought of sending entry for the ‘Internet Correspondent Contest’ this time to experience the passion of SolidWorks professionals LIVE.

    As an active blogger and editor of DailyCADCAM, I always attain the local CAD events (SolidWorks Innovation Day) in India. I am very happy to see the growth of CAD industry here in last five years. It is my pleasure to provide a platform for design professionals through my website to celebrate design by sharing articles, tips, tutorials, news, jobs and events information with professionals and students! I have experience of live tweets, FB and linkedin updates for the local launch events. Receiving complements for the sharing information is really a great feeling.

    Please visit my twitter account for the latest CAD industry news on https://twitter.com/dailycadcam

    Join my facebook group “Happy CADing” for latest CAD updates on https://www.facebook.com/groups/happycading/

    Check my local event experience on my blog http://cadxperts.blogspot.in/

    As a tech journalist, I share every information on event and products with my readers that can make their professional life easy by knowing more about various tools to develop innovative products. So, given an opportunity to be the SWW13 internet correspondence would give me chance to share my perceptive about event with readers, know more about new products and enhancements meet SolidWorks bloggers and passionate SolidWorks users.

    Happy CADing!