You Asked. We Answered. Introducing eDrawings for iPad.

Edrawings for ipad logoYou’re constantly on the go, and the process of making sure you and your customers can understand and see what’s happening with a project hasn’t always been easy–up until now. In an effort to give you what you need, when/where you need it, we're happy to announce the availability of eDrawings for iPad, an application that lets you bring your 2D and 3D files to a customer’s site, or to a sales meeting, and share the design concepts quickly and easily.

eDrawings® for iPad allows you to view and review native eDrawings® files, DraftSight® files, SolidWorks® parts, assemblies and drawings files, making it easy for engineers and non-engineers to interpret and understand 2D and 3D design using multi-touch gestures.

You can download eDrawings® for iPad today from the Apple store , and you can learn more about the features and functionality on the SolidWorks website.

How will you use eDrawings® for iPad? What files are you most looking forward to sharing? We welcome your thoughts below!








Matthew West

Matthew West

SolidWorks alumnus. I like plate reverb, Rat pedals, Thai curry, New Weird fiction, my kids, Vespas, Jazzmasters, my wife & Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not necessarily in that order.
  • rahul dhinakaran

    You need this for Android too.

  • There is no Android version planned currently, but if you would like to let our product team know you would like to see one, you can provide your feedback here:

  • Jason

    All of our Engineers and field managers that would use something like this have Android phones, and they are doing some preliminary testing with Android tablets for field users to use in place of their laptops. Very shortsighted to neglect that market.

  • I think lot of Android user waiting for this.

  • Zak

    I agree with Jason, very shortsighted for SolidWorks to not release an Android version or even have plans to release one.

  • Kevin Quigley

    So I guessed correctly – I need to buy an iPad now.

  • RCL

    We live in a world where many people are not aware of the long term, back-end developer relationships that exist to bring such products like eDrawings to market. For those asking for Android versions, keep in mind that the eDrawings viewers are based on the HOOPS framework by Techsoft (available for iPad only it seems, based on demand for 3D primarily for iPad platforms) and wihthe various OS ports being maintained by GSSL in India.

    Also, for those that have not been following the trends in the industry over the last 6 to 8 months, the current “me too” marketing benefit is for 3D companies to release an iPad 3D viewer. A short list would be: vueCAD Mobile CAD, Autodesk DWF viewer, TFTPad, XVL viewer, iRhino 3D, TurboViewer Pro, McDwiff, 3D Via Mobile 3D Viewer, iModel viewer by Bentley, MeshPad, SightSpace 3D and Autodesk 3D publisher, to name a few. So, as you see, if you want to join the rush of 3D apps being released for mobile devices you (fortunately or unfortunately) have to buy into the iPad. This trend does not look good for Android being the “platform of choice for 3D viewing”.

  • Scifiguy

    Yes–definitely needed for Android!

  • Zak


    Funny that Autodesk has 10 apps for Android, including a DWG viewer and Inventor publisher viewer.

  • Jim Anders

    There are many technical and market driven reasons why Android support is problematic and unlike the Android smartphone market the Android tablet market has really failed to materialize. The iPad has been accepted and adopted in business. Maybe in a year or so, but for now the iPad is the platform of choice. Having said that…

    Finally!! Thank you to SolidWorks for releasing this app. Downloaded it last night. It’s fast and fluid – even on an iPad 1. Yes, it needs to evolve and come up to par with its eDrawing peers but one thing needs to be added ASAP…

    There must be file access support to cloud services such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box, etc. This is required for most everyone who needs to do real work. File access through iTunes sharing is not that useful.

  • Jim Anders

    Just learned that there is a way to access Dropbox files. If you have eDrawing files on your Dropbox – these will offer a open in eDrawings option when the files are selected for opening.

    Also – I wanted to give just one example why iPad and iOS have been more readily accepted in the Enterprise/Business community.

    IPsec. Apple fully supports IPsec in iOS (along with many other enterprise/net protocols). Currently, Android does not have a firmware level integrated IPsec implementation. Many net admins find this to be a problem.

    Whatever one thinks of Apple – they have done their homework when it comes to enterprise support…


  • Thanks! Have downloaded it to iPad(3) already.

  • Jim Anders

    I’d like to discuss how I intend to use eDrawings for iPad (instead of focusing on platform decisions).

    Imagine a manufacturing assembly area where multiple people are assembling a large machine the size of an automobile (or larger). Before, workers would have to tack up drawnings, such as assembly drawings, schematics, wiring diagrams, plumbing diagrams, etc onto the wall.

    Of course, these workers would constantly have to walk back and forth between the wall and the machine assembly area. Often they would write down key info onto a notepad for reference. Obviously, this is a huge time waste and a source for errors.

    Now, imagine these same workers, each equipped with an iPad showing the relevant detail information right there in their hands. They can carry the iPad all over the machine in all kinds of awkward locations (on a ladder, or inside the machine).

    Change notices can be immediately forwarded to the users as well.

    This is just one example where the iPad and eDrawings brings new functionalities and cost savings.

    The implementation issues mostly revolve around data repository choices and integration with original source CAD files.

    I would love to see this implementation topic discussed more. How specifically are people using eDrawings for iPad to connect to their CAD data?


  • We really want it for Android

  • I really need it on my Nexus7.
    Android would be awesome.
    There are more users on android than I phone or iPad. Although I get the Idea to have it on a larger panel.

  • Hi Robert,

    That’s true when you look at the phone market, but in the tablet market (which is specifically what we are developing for) iPads outnumber Android tablets roughly three to one. But we’re always keeping an eye on market shifts.

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