New mobile app coming next week—guess what it is and get it for free!

There's some big news coming next week from SolidWorks. We're releasing our first design-related mobile app, and while we won't let the cat out of the bag just yet, we will give you a chance to win it for free.

Just leave a comment on this blog entry before 5 PM EDT on April 30 with your guess as to what we're releasing. After the official announcement next week, we will send the first ten people who guessed correctly a code to download the app for free.

As with any contest, there are terms and conditions. In a nutshell, you're not eligible if you're a SolidWorks employee, or you work for a SolidWorks reseller or solution partner. And the contest is void in Brazil, Quebec, China, and where otherwise prohibited or restricted by local or national law. Sorry.

So what's your guess???

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Matthew West

Matthew West

SolidWorks alumnus. I like plate reverb, Rat pedals, Thai curry, New Weird fiction, my kids, Vespas, Jazzmasters, my wife & Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not necessarily in that order.
  • Christian Paves

    My guess is that your mobile app is a drawing viewer / markup tool. Possibly a model viewer too, but more likely just a drawing viewer / markup tool.

    Hopefully you release an Android OS app.

  • Christian Pavez

    Pavez, not Paves

  • Kevin Quigley

    Mobile E drawings or SolidWorks Viewer.

  • Hmmm – I’m hoping its either a full-blown eDrawings app, or a viewer that can read native SW files. Then please make a version of Solidworks to run on Mac OS please!!

  • Kevin Quigley

    Or in a perfect world a $5 version of 3DVia Composer for ipads!

  • Manuel


  • eDrawings for iPad??

  • Great. hope it works for iOS and Android. And pleaseee Solidworks that run for mac.

  • Carlos Ehrenzweig

    I hope it has a stl editor!, and iI support kevin quigley’s idea

  • I guess is eDrawings too

  • Mike

    An Edrawings type app for the iPad would be sweet. Any way to view a Solidworks assembly would be awesome.

  • Devin

    Edrawing or a solidworks model viewer?

  • Rob Rodriguez

    e-drawings viewer would be my guess. Wish it were here two years ago but better late than never.

  • Yeah, I guess a mobile viewer for SolidWorks files. If that’s what it is then I want a free copy. If it’s not, then, well…

  • rahul dhinakaran

    Edrawings viewer

  • Allan Bjerre


  • siva

    mobile phone app of solidWorks viewer

  • A viewer / markup tool.

  • Adam

    Mobile version of Draftsight to compete with the AutoCAD WS product.

  • Mike DeKoninig

    DraftSight Mobile.

  • Joseph Bassett

    Ipad app for EPDM

  • Keith Dacus

    eDrawings for iPhone/iPad?

  • application that allows you to view, assembly and parts for your phone

  • Anuj gupta

    i think the new mobile software will have a network link synchronization with your pc or laptop in order to share your predesingned projects…also it will feature a SOLIDWORKS BLOG WITH USERS COMMENT VEIWING TECHNOLOGY…IT WILL ALSO PROVIDE SOLIDWORKS TIPS AND DOUBT SOLVING EXPERT DEVELOPERS TO BE IN CONTACT…and it will provide all news ,announcements and upcoming features..

  • 3DVia Composer for iPad is top of my list. Now I’ll go lower my expectations before the announcement 😉

  • It will be where I aim my iOS camera at an object (or a hand-drawn sketch), hit the audio-up button, go to my desktop, and the imaged item will be fully modeled with a logically-arranged model tree. The camera will automatically sense if the image is a sheet metal part, and sheet metal commands will be used for the automated modeling. The model will be aligned logically to datum planes on-center. Any holes will be modeled automatically using the Hole command.

  • SolidWorks Viewer or markup tool and on the top an editor too 😉

  • Joe Hasik

    I’m guessing it’s a basic part editor/designer. Basic solids and sketch capability.


    probs be a viewer of sorts

  • Wow about time how do i get it. Would be cool if you could view models

  • John

    Now that would be disruptive technology!

  • edrawings mobile. And give some android lovers some attention please!!

  • Umm i guess it would be an awesome app, what ever it will be i am a buying it 😀
    but anyways i would like to have a 3D model viewer in the app and at least the capability to edit the drawings and email directly from the app..

  • Rob Libby

    I would saw Draftsight, with Model Viewer

  • smitty

    I would hope it’s an iOS app that loads edrawings and solidworks models for viewing. And without requiring some “cloud” nonsense, I want to send it files from my mail or dropbox.

    One thing we do know: that the regular price is NOT free, which if it’s only a viewer will be most disappointing.

  • John

    A full cam package for Solidworks files for shop floor programming.

  • Rainer

    Viewer with EPDM-Interface, annotations …

  • Model sharing app.

  • Draftsight with Mobile Viewer

  • Hopefully it’s pretty powerful 3D mobile viewer for assemblies / parts / drawings!

  • I hope it is e-drawings too but a sharing application for parts/assemblies would be nice, maybe one that incorporates drawing as well but just easy viewing would be best for product demonstrations for work.

  • cadrawings

    ik hoop dat dit een goede viewer is voor solid works drawings, parts en assemblies.
    met ook de mogelijkheid parts doorzichtig te maken en doorsneden te laten zien.
    ik hoop dat het voor android wordt. dan koop ik hem zeker.

    ik kan niet wachten.

  • R. Van Law

    How about an app that would allow you to send a drawing you opened on your iphone or smart phone to a printer.

  • As over 10 people have suggested eDrawing Viewer, there is no point in suggesting that!
    It can’t be a DraftSight App. because they wouldn’t charge for something that is free on the Desktop.
    So it can only be one thing! As Fielder Hiss dodged around the the question of new platform and mobile App at SolidWorks World 2012 it can only be:

    The release of SolidWorks V6 (Extra light!!)

  • A 3D model & drawing viewer for Android, iPhone & WindowsPhone.

    (A guy can dream cant he?)

  • Matthew

    A sketching app similar to sketchbook pro!? Freehand sketching that can then transfer back to SW would be excellent.

  • A model viewer that can be shared like a go2meeting on a tablet or phone. By rotating the phone you will be able to “walk” or spin the model. Probably will require a map to calibrate the phone and camera to the model

  • I will guess it is a collaboration tool to work with nFuze file sharing, or a mobile viewer app.

  • Luke

    I am so excited. I hope it’s a mobile viewer.

  • Christopher Quijano

    I’ll go with drawing type viewing tool. Hopefully, on Android. 🙂

  • Your own personal 3D scanner! Converter that creates point cloud data from pics taken on the phone, then plugs directly into ScanTo3D or export out file.

  • Mal

    If it’s not a reviewing tool, it would be a surprise given that most other cad providers already have one;) but if it’s not: something with a “automatically design my thing” button would be fantastic since plenty of employers think thats what we can do already..

  • Ryan

    A viewer for models and drawings, hopefully with some markup tools, sharing options, and some features that beat AutoCAD!

  • Chris Saller

    Something related to eDrawings?

  • SolidWorks Viewer tool along with EPDM and N!Fuse access with which one can download their files from cloud or access their vault, make markups, make comments and change the state of files in EPDM like approve, ask for revision etc based on workflow in EPDM.

  • Chris Teather

    SolidWorks Lite

  • Hole @ Head

    Angry Birds – CAD edition.

  • Andrew Coyne


    Solidworks for your mobile device :o)

  • Shan Lentine

    A viewer.

  • John M

    an app that lets you control your solidworks workspace similar to a 3D mouse, only with your touch screen…oh, and fully customizable

  • Matthew

    I suspect it will be e-drawings.

    And considering that there arent a lot of Solidworks users on the Mac, I hope this is released for more than just the i-phone.

  • Biser Borisov

    I guess eDrawings for iPad, Android.

  • Gary Blenkhorn

    I feel it will be an Edrawings viewer and mark-up tool App – that would be so neat.

    Sure hope it will run on Android.

  • Ben

    A scud missile launcher app?

  • Al Jelinek

    A Solidworks part and assembly file viewer app

  • Edrawings / viewer drawings for tablets and smartphones

  • Brian Priestley

    I think it’s a full blown copy of SW Pro for iPad. Use it with my Wacom Bamboo pen…Wow. OK so it is probably not. Go with the edrawings viewer then instead. Note. SW for Mac would the best xmas present ever and give me time to save up. Just in case Mathew had not yet realised…there are not many SW users on the Mac because it’s NOT AVAILABLE.

  • Todd

    Uuuh, eDrawings viewer?

  • Jeff

    E drawings viewer please oh please

  • Kevin Sweer

    I’ll have to say eDrawings viewer, that would be so useful.

  • Sajan Velandi

    I think it is a mobile viewer for all solidworks files

  • Karthikeyan S

    It Would Be SolidWorks Viewer for Mobile.Might be E-Drawing Mobile Version..

  • eDrawings or SolidWorks Viewer for iPhone etc.

    Another option is a mobile version of DraftSight.

  • Randy Ooms

    How about an app for accessing ePDM

  • Patrick

    Full blown version of solidworks for iPad?

  • Ángel Julián

    eDrawings for Android!!!???

  • Ben Rosow

    It’s either Edrawings or 3dVia for smart phones (Iphone/Android).

  • eDrawing mobile viewer. @SolidWorks “What if you could show your 3D CAD models to customers while sitting at a bar – or even on an airplane – without pulling out a laptop?

  • Neil

    n!Fuze2 for mobile.

  • This might be the lite version of SolidWorks V6.