SolidWorks Simulation Helps Explain Race Car Drafting

Have you ever wondered why race cars tend to follow one another so closely? If you're reading this, you're probably familiar with the basic principles behind drafting, and how following a car closely helps reduce drag on your own car. But did you know that it also has a positive effect on the car in front?

Our SolidWorks Simulation team has made a short video that explains how the concept of drafting really works from a scientific perspective, using SolidWorks Flow Simulation to build a virtual wind tunnel. Even if you don't use flow simulation or CFD in your regular work, it's cool to see how this stuff works. After all, science is fun (I learned a few things myself).

You can watch the full video by visiting the SolidWorks website. You'll have to provide your email address before you can watch, so here's a quick preview. It doesn't really get into the full subject matter, but it should give you an idea of what you'll see.

Matthew West

Matthew West

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  • This is great and it is really important to study the car’s performance before using them in races. All the talk is just about the talk of the cars. Great car performance is done through study and working it out on the field.

  • Umang Dighe

    I tried to run the same simulation. I was able to get the flow velocity plots but I could not get the plot for drag vs Distance between the two cars. How did u get it ?