SOLIDWORKS Composer Quick Start Guide #2: Using the Translate and Exploded View Tools

Here is the release of the second episode of the SOLIDWORKS Composer Quick Start Guide. This guide is intended to orient new users in SOLIDWORKS Composer and walk them though the basic features of the software. SOLIDWORKS Composer is a technical communication software that uses your existing CAD models to create intuitive and informative deliverables such as animations, interactive PDFs, high-resolution images, and more. This series of videos is intended to orient new users in SOLIDWORKS Composer and teach them how to use its basic functions.

In today’s episode, we cover the translate and exploded view tools as a two-part video. One of the major benefits of SOLIDWORKS Composer is the ability to manipulate your assembly while leaving the original assembly file completely intact. Using these two tools, you can create insightful new views of your assemblies without editing the original file.

It’s important to differentiate the functionality of the translate tool and the exploded view tool. The translate tool will move all selected pieces the same distance, while the exploded view tool moves them different distances to separate them from each other.

For the exploded view tool, an anchor needs to be selected in addition to the pieces you wish to move. This is the reference point that will remain static while the other pieces explode outwards. In this video, we show the functionality of these tools, and use them to create an exploded view of a portion of our assembly.

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Mohit Daga

Mohit Daga

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