SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News – March 2017

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Breakout sessions done by your SOLIDWORKS Support team at SOLIDWORKS World 2017

SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News - March 2017

We all impatiently wait for the availability of the SOLIDWORKS World 2017 proceedings. Meanwhile, I thought I’d list all the breakout sessions, 25 in total, your SOLIDWORKS Support team offered during the event. Take it as an illustration of the team’s dedication to spread the knowledge, share our experience and tips, and ultimately help you become better at your job.


  • Data Migration from Workgroup PDM to SOLIDWORKS PDM
  • Take SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2017 to the Next Level with Database Replication
  • Beyond the Button Press: Using Checklists to Manage Moves/Upgrades in SOLIDWORKS PDM
  • Managing SOLIDWORKS Electrical using EPDM
  • Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques for SOLIDWORKS PDM
  • Optimizing and Maintaining SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Performance


  • Model-based Definition (MBD) Learning Path – Panel Discussion
  • MBD Implementation: 10 Do’s and 10 Don’ts
  • What’s New in SOLIDWORKS MBD 2017


  • Understanding PCB Design Processes and how SOLIDWORKS PCB Helps to Create High-quality PCB Designs
  • SOLIDWORKS PCB New Horizon on ECAD and MCAD Integration


  • Design Validation from Dynamic Motion Analysis to Structural Simulation
  • Best Practices: Bonded and No-Penetration Contacts in SOLIDWORKS Simulation


  • DraftSight – All About SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration and PDF Task Conversion


  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Custom Report Creation
  • All about PLC’s


  • Collaboration between SOLIDWORKS and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform


When the SOLIDWORKS World 2017 proceedings are available, be sure to look up the above presentations and watch the videos. In addition to the above breakout sessions, your SOLIDWORKS Support team also gave out the following hands-on sessions. Those were not recorded, so they won’t appear in the proceedings.

  • SOLIDWORKS Inspection Hands-On
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Working with PLCs
  • Streamline Quality Control, Save Time, and Eliminate Errors with SOLIDWORKS Inspection
  • SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer Hands-On
  • Knowledge Pills
  • T-SQL Hands-On Part 1
  • T-SQL Hands-On Part 2
  • Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Composer Animations

SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM replaced with SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard

In the summer of 2015 SOLIDWORKS communicated its plans for the End of Life for SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM. Its last release comes as part of SOLIDWORKS 2017 Professional and Premium.  If you wish to use a Data Management product that is included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium, consider SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is a data management solution for smaller workgroup environments in a single location.  Included in SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium packages, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard eliminates the overhead of managing SOLIDWORKS and DraftSight data on local and shared network drives.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is based on the same technology as SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM (renamed SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional). SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard provides a much simpler upgrade path to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional as your company outgrows the functions of SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard.


There will not be an updated version of SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM available with the release of the 2018 products and that the future releases of SOLIDWORKS will not support running a version 2017 SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM installation with any 2018 or newer version.

Should you have any question, please contact your SOLIDWORKS Value Added Reseller (VAR) for assistance. You may also watch the “Data Migration from Workgroup PDM to SOLIDWORKS PDM” presentation from the SOLIDWORKS World 2017 proceedings when they are available.

Simulation Step-Up Series

Last month, Reza discussed the topic of Meshing. This month, he comes back with a focus on Mixed Meshing.

Next month, Reza will give us an engineering view of FEA.

Noteworthy Solutions from the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base

icon - SW What can cause the SOLIDWORKS® 2017 software to take a long time to start as compared to the SOLIDWORKS 2016 version?
If the SOLIDWORKS® 2017 ‘Loading Registry’ splash screen appears for 90 seconds while launching SOLIDWORKS 2017, and the SOLIDWORKS 2016 software or previous versions launch much more quickly, this  is likely the result of a conflict between an antivirus application such as such as AVG or Kaspersky® and the FlexNet Publisher version (used by SOLIDWORKS® 2017).
This issue has been reported to the development team on SPR# 990482.
If you are experiencing this problem, please contact your VAR so that you can receive notification when the issue is addressed.
From Solution Id: S-072608.

icon - SW In the SOLIDWORKS® software, when I perform various actions such as edit features, change view orientations, edit parts-in-context, or use the View Selector, why does the display or graphics area flicker or flash?
This behavior occurs in the SOLIDWORKS® 2014 through 2017 SP 1.0 version software. It occurs if you maximize the SOLIDWORKS window, have other windows are open behind the SOLIDWORKS window, aned have installed the Microsoft® ‘December, 2016 Security Only Quality Update’ or the ‘December, 2016 Security Monthly Quality Rollup’.
For more information on how to resolve this problem, see Solution Id: S-072597.

Icon - EPDM Can both Windows® Active Directory® users and local computer users log in to the same SOLIDWORKS® PDM Professional and Standard version vault?
Yes, it is possible for both Windows® Active Directory® users and local computer users to log in to the same vault. However, in a replicated environment, the local computer users do not replicate to other archive servers. If you require that local computer users log on to the replicate archive servers, then you must create the users manually on each replicate archive server.
From Solution Id: S-072629.

icon - Simulation Where can I find information about best practices for nonlinear analysis in the SOLIDWORKS® Simulation software, including how to deal with initial interferences (other than Shrink Fit)?
For information about best practices for nonlinear analysis in the SOLIDWORKS® Simulation software, please download the attachments to Solution Id: S-072655. The attachments include a video of the SOLIDWORKS World 2014 presentation ‘Best Practices for Getting Quality Results from Nonlinear Analysis in SOLIDWORKS Simulation’ along with related slides in the PDF file format.

icon - Simulation When considering the purchase of a custom-built computer workstation for use with analysis software such as SOLIDWORKS® Simulation, what should I keep in mind?
If you purchase a custom-built system from your preferred supplier (who is not a SOLIDWORKS hardware partner) or if you build your own system, be aware that the risk of system-specific hardware problems increases. The risk increases because unlike prebuilt Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) workstation systems from one of our hardware partners, custom-built systems do not necessarily validate or optimize hardware for use with engineering applications.
For more information on how to resolve this problem, see Solution Id: S-072291.

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Julien Boissat

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