Warwick University Satellite Team has No Limits

Warwick University Satellite  Project

 Warwick University Satellite Team (WUSAT ) launched their  prototype satellite on a weather balloon into the stratosphere near Welshpool, Wales. Over a 2 hour flight, the satellite reached an approximate height of 30km above the Earth’s surface, at which point the balloon burst.  Their parachute inflated and carried the prototype safely back to Earth.


 WUSAT’s  PCB, stacked with the two cameras, mounted externally, took amazing photos, that they wanted to share with the SolidWorks community.

 Warwick University Satellite Team

With a successful first year,  team members,  Benedict Donnellan, Mark Dooner, Ed Bilson, Jinesh Patel, Ville Konsala, Kristin Vollen, Elliott Baxter, Nicole Blake, Rich Young, Jonathan Moss and Bill Crofts continue on their next out of this world journey.  Thank you for using SolidWorks. 

 More Information: You can find more about the WUSAT’s project at www.warwick.ac.uk/cubesat. Marie

Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

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Marie Planchard