BaneBot P60 Motor SolidWorks File and Madtown Robotics CAD Library

BaneBot Motor P60 

I was truly moved when the call went out for SolidWorks users to help eachother get the model files they need for this year's FRC competition in neutral file format or SolidWorks file format.

I received a note and model file from RC, a mentor for Madtown Robotics, FRC Team 1323  and 3296.  RC recreated this BaneBot P60 Motor and three configurations.  Madtown Robotics has created an amazing Robot CAD Part Library.  I have also include RC's Bane Bot model below to download.

Other neutral file formats and SolidWorks formats on FRC parts can be found at Ed Spark's CAD Libary of FIRST Components  This part models are created with great precision.

Because the BaneBot motor is a commecial grade motor, one of its configurations can be found in  When a SolidWorks model is loaded into 3DContentCentral, it can then be downloaded into 20 different 3D and 2D model file formats.  Making it easier to communicate with purchased parts for robot competitions.



 RC SolidWorks Model with Configurationss of Banebot P60: Download P60 

 Thank you RC, Ed for supporting neutral file formats.  Marie

Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

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Marie Planchard