Women in Engineering: Spotlight on Jade Wilson, Toy Designer

Image credit: Jade Wilson


Welcome to our blog series, “Women in Engineering,” where we’re celebrating the achievements and journeys of remarkable women who have made significant contributions to the field of engineering. In this series, we will share their stories, insights, and advice for current and future generations of engineers.

Today, we’re introducing you to Jade Wilson, a UK-based product engineer, SOLIDWORKS Champion and SOLIDWORKS tech blog contributor, and her unique career path from ceramics to award-winning toy design.

A Blend of Art and Engineering

Although she didn’t follow a typical engineering path, Jade embodies the essence of engineering by solving problems creatively. Jade, who has a background in ceramics from university, received a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship to do her Masters in Design for ceramics and digital design.

Jade (Crompton) Wilson with Charles, Prince of Wales (now King Charles III), at Clarence House in 2015, Image credit: Paul Burns Photography


Jade first discovered SOLIDWORKS in the computer lab and quickly realized the potential of 3D modeling to enhance her ceramic projects. “It’s quicker and easier to create a 3D model and then make a mold of it,” she explained. “If it doesn’t quite work, it’s easy to tweak it and not so much time is wasted.”  As Jade explored the possibilities of 3D modeling, she moved from hand-modeling clay to designing wooden toys.

Ceramic molds with 3D-printed models. Image credit: Jade Wilson


Award-Winning Toy Design

As an award-winning toy designer, Jade is known for her creative problem-solving. She began by designing train sets and even taught herself how to animate them using SOLIDWORKS. “I watched SOLIDWORKS tutorials online and taught myself how to add motors, have mates, and get the train to go uphill,” Jade recounts. She’s come full circle now that she’s creating SOLIDWORKS tutorials herself.

Her ability to self-educate and apply new skills is a testament to her problem-solving and adaptability—qualities that are essential in engineering. She has a meticulous approach to toy design, starting from initial sketches to detailed 3D modeling and rendering in SOLIDWORKS. She emphasizes the importance of using configurations and display states in SOLIDWORKS to manage design variations quickly and efficiently. This enables her to present multiple options to clients and adapt designs based on feedback.

One of Jade’s favorite projects was the Wooden Light and Sound CHOO CHOO Train, designed for the children’s program HEY DUGGEE.

HEY DUGGEE Light and Sound Train. Image credit: Jade Wilson


The train won multiple children’s awards for design, with Jade’s involvement spanning from the initial design stage to manufacturing, overseeing every aspect of the design process.

Outside of Work

Jade is a busy person, both at work and outside of work. She loves cooking and has even made a 3D-printed rolling pin and cookie cutters.

3D-printed rolling pin rendering. Image credit: Jade Wilson


However, as a mom of two young boys, personal hobbies are currently on the backburner. Despite this, she still manages to incorporate her design skills into her daily life through projects for the kitchen and home.

Jade’s Recommendations for Success

Jade is a huge fan of leveraging any resources that are available to learn and improve. “I haven’t had any mentors—it’s been more like YouTube has been my mentor,” she says, detailing the many hours and late nights she has spent teaching herself new skills. Jade also emphasized the importance of having the right tools for daily tasks, including her beloved 3D Connexion CadMouse Pro Wireless and its accompanying keyboard.

Jade’s 3D Connexion CadMouse Pro Wireless and keyboard. Image credit: Jade Wilson


Jade also acknowledged attending events, such as 3DEXPERIENCE World 2024, as a significant factor in staying updated with industry trends and networking with peers from all over the world. “You are around so many like-minded people. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more comfortable going anywhere. You always have something to talk about and it’s just constant learning,” Jade shared.

Jade Wilson at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2024, Image credit: Jade Wilson


Embracing New Technologies

Jade is optimistic about the integration of AI into design processes, as she looks towards the future. She perceives AI not as a substitute for human creativity, but as a tool that can enhance the designer’s capability to resolve problems and create innovative products. Jade’s interest in technology and continuous learning exemplifies a key trait of modern engineers, which is the readiness to adapt and utilize innovative technologies to enhance creativity and productivity.

Stay Tuned for More Stories of Women Doing Amazing Things in Engineering

Keep an eye out for more inspiring stories of women in engineering as we continue to explore their innovative projects that are reshaping the engineering landscape. Our upcoming Women in Engineering blog series will highlight the amazing things these women are accomplishing.



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