Why You Should Attend 3DEXPERIENCE World – From the Perspective of a Seasoned “World” Veteran

My name is Kirby Downey. I am a Senior Production Technician at 3DPRINTUK. I am a maker, a creator in my spare time, and also a SOLIDWORKS User Group Leader and a SOLIDWORKS champion. These last two titles I have 3DEXPERIENCE World to thank, because if I didn’t attend these events since 2017, then I would not be so involved with the SOLIDWORKS community. It’s my favourite time of year and an event I always make sure I am able to attend.

Why this event is important to you?

To me, it’s the time of year to recharge my SOLIDWORKS battery. It’s the time of year I get to meet up with old friends and make some new ones. I get to catch up and listen to their stories and user group meetings they have hosted over the past year, and I can share mine. Every time I’ve been, I have left so inspired and refreshed and ready to tackle the upcoming year with an energy that I’ve only felt after going to 3DEXPERIENCE World.

What tips and tricks you would share with a newbie attendee to navigate the event?

Go to as many meet-ups and social events as possible. The best place to start is at CAD Monkey Dinner, on Saturday night, February 10th. This dinner serves as the unofficial launch of 3DEXPERIENCE World. It’s an event hosted by attendees for old and new attendees to meet up and celebrate together. I mean I met one of my best mates at CAD Monkey Dinner in 2019. We have gone to work on many projects  together, and every year we get to meet up at 3DEXPERIENCE World and hang out again.

All of the folks at these social events are so open and welcoming. If you can’t make CAD Monkey Dinner, the Hive is also a great place to start. When you get talking to people and share an idea or even a problem with a project you are working on, I guarantee there will be a person there, or they will know a person that can help out in some sort of way.

We are all brought together because of Design and Engineering, but we connect over our hobbies and passions. The last thing you can do before the event is hop into a SOLIDWORKS live video or join The CORE Podcasts broadcast. Loads of the people attending 3DEXPERIENCE World hang out here so come join the fun!

What else are you looking forward to at 3DEXPERIENCE World?

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again, learning some new skills, and watching the main stage presentations during the daily General Sessions. With the event being in different cities, I get some time to explore somewhere new and exciting. I also really look forward to the Special event on Tuesday night.

I’ll also be helping out at the Maker area this year in the Playground at 3DEXPERIENCE World. We will have stations where the attendees can come make things with us, and see how hobbyists and makers are using the Maker edition tools to build things. It’s a fairly new addition to the conference, and I’m excited to meet and help the attendees make new things and get inspired by what we have to offer.

I hope to see you all in Dallas!

Note: this blog was written by Kirby Downey, a SWUG Leader, maker, creator and Senior Production Technician at 3DPRINTUK.

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