SOLIDWORKS Live – Find Out What’s New to SOLIDWORKS

This very special episode of SOLIDWORKS Live was our last opportunity to discuss the increased features and functionality available starting in July with the cloud services announcement, and we did not disappoint.

Featured in this episode are Senior Product Manager Salih Alani, Industry Process Consultant Brian Zias, Customer Adoption Director Justin Burton, and COO of Hacksmith Industries Ian Hillier. We also featured video clips from Bowhead that feature some of the enhancements in our July announcement.

Sean begins by introducing Salih Alani, who talks a little bit about the “why” and “what” of the SOLIDWORKS subscription benefits. Sal says that the Cloud Services follows the familiar SOLIDWORKS DNA, in that it increases the value of our subscription options, allowing them to choose which parts of the package they would like to use at any given time. It’s a modularized package of functionality that individuals and businesses can use when they’re ready.

Sal gets into some specifics surrounding the offer, including things like “Share File” (the ability to share any file with any user around the world, regardless of whether they’re SOLIDWORKS users or not), and idea that all information is traceable, and so much more.

Sal then speaks to the idea of “hassle-free data management,” and the ways in which the upcoming Cloud Services capabilities address common issues, including revisions, product maturation, locking and unlocking data sets, and even file-naming.

We then aired a video from Bowhead Corp that talks about the benefits of Sharing and Marking-Up files with the cloud services additions, further reinforcing Sal’s points with an actual use case, as well as teasing the next segment in the episode. This is the first of three Bowhead videos we aired during this show:


Brian Zias is the next guest, who shares actual demos of the Share and Markup features initially introduced by Sal.

Using the Bowhead dataset, Brian shows how users can easily share designs with external stakeholders. These processes are extremely simple and straightforward, and more importantly, contain all of the security needed for potentially-sensitive datasets being sent from one individual to another. This functionality also promotes the collaboration between users that larger projects require.

Brian then stresses that it’s not only easy to share files, but they are accessible on just about any web-enabled device, such as the tablet which with he continues his demo. None of this sharing requires additional downloads, plug-ins, or work on the part of the recipient…it’s wrapped-up nicely with a simple share link for the recipient to open, mark up, and return with their included feedback.

Brian then shows us how easy it is to configure the types of files designers can share, how to set permissions, and more.

It’s worth mentioning that never once did Brian open his email, use tricky keyboard shortcuts or workarounds to share the files. Everything he needed with within the software itself and was extremely easy to use.

Next came Sean’s pre-recorded interview with Ian Hillier from Hacksmith Industries during which they discuss the ways in which their group managed their CAD data. Ian starts by introducing what Hacksmith is and what their goals and projects have evolved over the years.

Ian then talks about the ways in which the Hacksmith team uses tools from SOLIDWORKS to collaborate and work with one another on not only design and engineering projects, but the storytelling elements necessary to make their video content on YouTube.

Brian Zias then comes back to discuss CAD storage and revision management, and describes how SOLIDWORKS is making working with files feel better and smarter for its users, pointing out that we had an entire episode on these features back in May.

Next, we can see another use case video from Bowhead that talks about their use of these storage and revision tools, which you can view here:


In this episode, we learned about how users can utilize Search and Filter to find and reuse what’s already been designed, use the Relations tools to learn about what parts are being used in which assemblies, and so much more.

Sean’s last guest is Justin Burton, who joins us from the Customer Adoption team. He talks about the ways his teams help to guide partners and customers adopt SOLIDWORKS solutions. They also help reseller partners get their clients the help they need with our products.

Justin also talks about all the help that resellers can provide to users, such as implementation planning, building out SOPs, providing business reviews and continuous guidance, and so much more.

Finally, Sean gives his recap of the episode, followed by the final use-case video from Bowhead. In this video, we learn about the ways Bowhead uses the Cloud Services from SOLIDWORKS to manage design changes, parts, inventory, materials, and communication with stakeholders:



Learn more about all the new cloud-enabled features and functionality available starting in July with Cloud Services for SOLIDWORKS users on subscription by clicking on the banner below.

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